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Yes, that’s right. We’ll just jump right in with 9 paragraphs for the month of September.

The monster regarded her with its unreadable expression while several heartbeats pounded by. “She returned to the human village unharmed. The scouts say she traveled back the way you came at dawn.”

Arvid let out a breath. The heavy guilt of almost getting Oya killed still pressed on her shoulders, but she forced her fingers to loosen around the knife. Oya and Kiano would be fine. They would be fine, so everything would be fine.

“Now answer my question. Did we make a mistake in letting the other sow go?”


The monster nodded. “Good. As for you, I don’t think you have any idea what you’re doing. You are our prisoner until sunrise. We’ll decide what to do with you then.”

“I have a job to do.”

The monster howled so loudly Arvid’s ears ached. The row of fringe along its spine flared into brutal spikes along its back. It snapped its teeth half an inch from Arvid’s face.

Arvid’s arms shook and she struggled to calm her breath, but she held her ground.

Hands took hold of her arms and legs. Before she could react, they set in her back in her tree. “Get some sleep,” someone said, “looks like it’s going to be a long night.”

The monsters settled back into their places, ring upon ring around the tree. Arvid strapped herself on, relieved, despairing, indignant, grateful, impatient, hopeful, and generally overwhelmed by the sundry emotions fighting for first place in her thoughts. She finally settled on, “this stinks,” and shut her eyes in an attempt to imitate her hosts. It didn’t work. She fell asleep minutes before sunset. Just in time for the monsters to wake up.

WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by the talented K.L. Schwengel. To join, post a snippet of your work in progress that somehow relates to the date. (How it relates is entirely up to you.) Then hop on over to the linky and add yourself in the rest of us can find you. :-)

I’m already running late, today, so I’ll skip the long spiels, but if any of you love to beta read, Fairy Blood is just begging for it. ~100K, contemporary fantasy, female protagonist, one early alpha called it morbid. I’ll send by October 15th and need it back by November 1st.  I have no idea when/if I’ll be able to reciprocate, but I’m happy to try or at least give you a free copy of the final. Thanks!

Whenever I think of the word "treed," I think of Where the Red Fern Grows, and those poor raccoons. :-(

Whenever I read the word “treed,” I think of Where the Red Fern Grows, and those poor raccoons. :-(


‘Allo! How’s everyone doing today? I didn’t realize it until yesterday, but, as you may have guessed, it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  It hasn’t yet gathered the steam other cancer-awareness months have, so if you don’t mind giving it a shout out, I’m sure many parents of struggling kiddos would appreciate it. If you happen to have a couple bucks trying to burn their way through your pocket, feel free to click on either of the pictures to visit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s gift shop. :-) They’ve got some cute stuff on sale right now.

Onto the WIPpet! As always, anyone can play. Just post a date-related snippet of your work in progress and add your link to the linky. Oh, and send cute puppy pictures to our hostess, K.L. Schwengel. She likes puppies. Of course, lurking is allowed, too. None of the WIPpeteers will mind if you just want to read their posts. :-)

This week, I have 11 paragraphettes to go with the 10th of September. The first 10 are the official WIPpet. The last one is a bonus because… umm… Oh! Because there are a lot of birthdays in September. I know for sure at least one of you is having a birthday this month. (Thank you, goofy “What’s your … name?” FB memes. :-P ) The things one learns from facebook. Tsk, tsk. I feel like a proper stalker even if all I’m doing is watching the feed…

Arvid was just telling these *cough* nice  monsters that she was on her way to pick up a sweet, little, old wizard. I’ll add descriptions when I get to second draft. For now, I apologize for the sketchy identifiers.

“Hmm.” The monster stepped back to let the others consider her. They whispered among themselves, their musical language fluttering like the wind scurrying through autumn leaves.

The one who spoke first that morning stepped forward. “Tell me, human sow, why do you want to bring this wizard to your people?”

“It is said he will destroy the Raven Nation.”

“And why would you want to destroy any nation?”

Arvid explained. “… and so they chose me.”

After several minutes of silently considering, the monster leveled a claw at her. “Did you wish to come?”


“And the sow you left in the foothills? Did she?”

Arvid’s heart skipped a beat. So they had seen Oya. Arvid’s mind whirled with curses for herself. She should never have let Oya come as far as she did. She should never have let Oya come as far as Uttermost, for that matter. She should have refused to continue until Oya went back. Her fingers squeezed the handle of her dagger, knuckles white. Her toes dug into the earth. She bent her knees to spring. “Did you hurt her?”

“Did she wish to come?”

“Answer. Me. First.”


WIPpet Banner

Welcome back to WIPpet Wednesday. As you probably know by now, it is hosted by the fantabulous K.L Schwengel and anyone can play. Post a date-related excerpt of your work in progress and add your link to the blog hop.

My WIPpet this week is a simple 9 paragraphs for the ninth month. No fancy math. Last week I posted my notes on the monsters. That way, you can call foul if I manage to mess up some detail or another. ;-) In Arvid’s last post, she had just managed to convince the monsters to let her have a little potty break…

The throng of monsters finally disappeared. In spite of this concession to her needs, Arvid believed the monsters kept her in sight. Especially if they felt no shyness in regards to their own functions. She found a nice, big bush and buried herself in it to attend to business.

She was right. Seconds after she emerged, they all reappeared. She drew her dagger and crouched into a ready stance. “Thank you for letting me see to that. I’m ready now.”

The monsters nearest her looked around at each other. Mouths opened wide to display serrated teeth. Guttural noises rolled from throats. Tails lashed. Arvid took several deep breaths to calm herself. All she needed to take out was one. Unless they got Oya. Then she needed to take out three. One each for herself, Oya, and Kiano.

“It’s a funny little thing, isn’t it?”

“Tragically confused, more like.”

“Do you think this is the one from the prophecy?”

Arvid whipped her head to the left to gape at monster who spoke last. They knew of the prophecy? “I- am.”

The guttural sounds stopped, the mouths closed, and the tails stilled. The monster stepped toward her. “You are the one sent to start a war? THE war? You…” The spikes along his spine rippled while his expressionless face loomed closer. Arvid struggled to keep her breathing even, wishing his face would give away something of his intentions. He almost whispered, his tone a mingling of disbelief and indignation, “You are the reason thousands of innocents will be slaughtered?”

Arvid strained her neck to look up at the monster while her stomach flip-flopped. “I…” The prophecy didn’t mention a war or any innocents. “I’m supposed to rescue a wizard.”


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