Well, I’m late, but I’m here. If you read Wolf On Board, then you’ve already briefly met Kaito. Today, I am sharing the moment Seraph (my dragon-lady) meets him. A little helpful background: Harsha has become somewhat wealthy through hard work and clever investing. Hence, she is funding a scientific expedition, supposedly to test out a cutting edge submarine that just happens to be designed by Kaito. At this point, he has noooo idea what she is really hoping to find.


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this opportunity miss Moreland. He shook Seraph’s hand, and you must be Sir-uf?”

Seraph smiled cordially, “Yes. It’s Se-raf, though, actually.”

Kaito held onto Seraph’s hand and raised his brow wolfishly, “is it okay if I call you… Syrup?” He wiggled his brows.

Suddenly Kaito jumped back and shook his hand as if he had just touched a hot pot handle. “No,” Seraph answered in commanding tones.  “And don’t call me anything else you think is cutesy either.”

“Kaito blew on his hand a bit. “Gottcha. Note to self: flirting with the boss or her friends doesn’t work to get more funding. Wow, that was some nifty trick you did there, burning me like that. Is it some kind of special lotion?” He reached out and made to grab Seraph’s hand again the way a child grabs a toy they are suddenly interested in.

Seraph dodged and answered him, “I’ll make a deal with you. You can analyze my hand when you discover mermaids.”

Kaito looked up in surprise briefly, then laughed. “Oh, right.” He backed a couple of paces. “Sorry about that. I’ve just always been fascinated by biochemistry. “That’s why I’m after these deep sea creatures, you know. Imagine what we could learn from creatures that can live in those extreme environments, where the pressure alone would be enough to kill any land dwelling species, let alone the dark and the cold! And can those creatures survive in the relatively low pressure world above? …

Bushnell's turtle Submarine

Bushnell’s Turtle Submarine. Steampunkish, no?

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