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As the boy grew, so his ability grew. He cooked for the farmer’s wife and did all the chores, his daily meals his only wage. The farmer grew lazy and greedy. Why pay and feed several men when one did all the work just for food? So he dismissed his farm hands. He was not a cruel man, and found them all good jobs before he sent them away, but send them away he did. When the boy, who simply went by the name Boy, grew to manhood, he approached the farmer with a request. “Sir, I worked for you faithfully these eight years, demanding nothing but my food as pay. You are good to me in your way and have become rich with my help. I will continue working for you all the days of my life if you will but grant me one wish.”

“I do not know what wish I can grant you, boy, for I am just a farmer and no enchanter.”

“I wish to marry your daughter.”

This alarmed the farmer at first, but upon reflection, he saw nothing wrong with Boy’s request so long as the young lady herself was amenable to it. “I shall ask my daughter if she will have you. If so, then please do stay and continue to work my farm, which you will inherit anyway. If not, please stay with me until I can find new farm hands to work it with me.”

The boy agreed and went about his work for the day. At supper time, the farmer spoke with his daughter. “Our farm boy wishes to marry you, my dear Lorianna. What say you to this?”

Lorianna agreed immediately. “Assuredly, Father, for though I am not in love with Boy, I know that he is humble, kind, and hardworking. He will make as good a husband as can be.”

The farmer went happily off to tell Boy of his daughter’s acceptance, filled with joy. Boy began to court Lorianna. The farmer’s wife, who prized her only child above all else, noted how Boy smiled at Lorianna, and how Lorianna smiled back. She smelled the rooms full of Night Lilies and baskets of sweet berries from the forest. She often caught Lorianna gazing out the window to watch Boy while he worked instead of listening to her mother’s words.  She grew jealous. She tried to sway her husband’s will, but he only waved her away. “He is a good farmer. He’ll make a fine husband for our daughter.”

Seeing that her husband approved the marriage thoroughly,  the farmer’s wife tried to dissuade Lorianna herself, saying, “If you do not love him, my precious angel, why should you marry him?”

“My mother, many girls marry for love that is soon lost. It is far better to marry a man who is kind and works hard. I will grow to love him.”

When the farmer’s wife saw that Lorianna also believed the marriage to be a good match, her heart turned cold within her and she sought to get rid of her daughter‘s suitor. So she consulted a witch. “On the day before your daughter is to be married, put a certain herb I will show you under her pillow. The smell of the herb will poison her dreams and give her nightmares about her groom. When she awakes, she will want nothing to do with the farm boy. Then he will become angry at her and leave that very day.”

The farmer’s wife thought this a good plan. That very night she went into the forest to find the herb and mark the spot it grew in so she could find it easily on the night before her daughter’s wedding. She did see Boy nearby in the forest, gathering Night Lilies for Lorianna. He saw which plant she marked and guessed her purpose.

The next day, Boy waited by a stream, in the place where Lorianna bathed every morning. He never dared visit her there before. When she arrived, he quickly revealed his presence before she removed even one piece of clothing. “Beloved, your mother seeks to separate us. On the night before our wedding, she will place an herb under your pillow that will give you terrible nightmares of me so that you will refuse to marry me in the morning. Please, sweet Lorianna, do not let her separate us.”

“Dear Boy, I do not wish to be separated from you, for though I did not love you when you asked me to marry you, I love you now.”

Boy’s heart grew full at her words and he smiled at her with tears in his eyes. “You are the first ever to love me, sweet Lorianna. On the day before our wedding, meet me on the highest mountain you can climb and I will marry you there.”

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