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Lorianna mourned over being married without her parents, but felt it a worse fate to be separated from Boy. On the morning of her wedding, she left the farm-house before anyone awoke. She climbed into the mountains, ever thinking of her Beloved’s words, “Meet me on the highest mountain.” She climbed all that day until her legs ached and refused to go further, then she stopped and waited for Boy, but he did not come. Lorianna spent a cold, lonely night wondering what became of him.

The next day she awoke cold and stiff, thinking perhaps she must climb higher. So she climbed higher into the mountains. All that day she climbed, fearing that her Beloved met with an accident. He did not come that night and nightmares plagued her sleep.

The next morning she awoke again, sure she simply must climb higher, so higher still she climbed, but he came not that day too. Lorianna began to wonder if her mother was correct in trying to dissuade her, but his words echoed in her ears, “Meet me on the highest mountain.” So the next day she climbed further, and the next.

Each day, Lorianna’s journey grew more difficult. For a week she climbed into the mountains, until finally she came to the top of a very high one. There she sat and cried bitterly because she could go no further. She wept until she fell asleep. When she awoke, Boy sat beside her, his own eyes filled with tears of joy. Lorianna’s heart leapt for joy at the sight of her Beloved. She threw herself into his arms and their happy tears mingled as her cheek touched his.

“My lovely Lorianna,” he whispered, “I proved my love for you by working so many years as your father’s farmhand. Now you have proven your  love by climbing my mountain.”

“But, my Beloved, how can we be married with no one else around? And please, my Love, what is your name?”

At this, Boy smiled warmly on Lorianna. “Some of my servants shall be here anon, Sweet One, to see that we are properly married. I left many with your father that they may serve him in my stead until our honeymoon is over. As for my name, I am Alperan.”

Lorianna withdrew sharply in fear, but when she saw the hurt in his eyes, she understood that he never deceived her in any way, save that which was necessary to be among her people. Alperan’s servants came presently and saw to their weeding, as part of her vows, Lorianna promised never to reveal Alperan’s true identity until the day she died.

When they finished their honeymoon, they returned to the valley and lived out their lives as ordinary people, running Lorianna’s father’s farm and raising many children. They were content and never failed to make up after a quarrel. On the day she knew she would die, Lorianna gathered her children and grandchildren to her and told them the true identity of their father. He mourned deeply for her that day, but when the children gathered to bury her the next day, they found her body gone, and their father also.

“The legend goes on to say that their children believed that Alperan took his wife back to the mountain on which they were married to make her immortal so they would never have be separated again. Such was the devotion of Alperan to his beloved Lorianna.”

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Detail of Cupid and Psyche by Antonio Canova, 1786-93

Detail of Cupid and Psyche by Antonio Canova, 1786-93