Those of you who know me personally, along with a few of you who follow me on Twitter, know that my family endured transitional homelessness for the better part of August. When we embarked on our adventure, I intended to journal every day. I hoped to blog extensively about being homeless with four children, a project inspired by Craig Stone’s The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness. I felt confident in my ability to turn even our most frustrating challenges into humorous stories, a skill I learned from my mother.

Sadly, my experience with homelessness yielded a bit too much negative for me. After a few days, I decided writing all that ick down wouldn’t help me or anyone else. I really don’t mind camping in the rain. I don’t even mind camping in the rain with kids. But camping in the rain, with kids, where the nearest outhouse requires 30-minute family expeditions, while my husband is away working outside all day, thus causing him great grumpiness on several levels… Yeah. That I don’t do so well with.

Well, so I didn’t get such a good story from our adventure. What I did get were some good photos on the one day it only rained for 12 hours.

Our tent and pop-up gazebo

There’s a hidden path on the hill behind the tent. The kiddos had lots of fun climbing up the path and pretending to be jungle children.

Sunset shot of clover patch and trees with a low mountain in the background

This is the easterly view from our campsite. We got a nice, big spot. I debated using a shot from earlier in the day to show the clover patch up a bit more, but I think these sunset colors are pretty, don’t you?

Sunset shot of trees, road, and a smidge of Eagle River

And here is the westerly view. We walked down that hill and followed the road along the river for a bit to get to the outhouse. Again, and again, and again every day.

Trees! and Eagle River

The campground is situated along Eagle River.

Silhouette of tree branches against Eagle River

This is Eagle River again. I like the silhouette of the trees. (By the way, my husband took most of these shots, so my ooh’s and aww’s are just as legitimate as yours.)

Daylight shot of part of one of the storms that covered us.

This sight wowed me. By the time I got this shot, we were staying indoors with friends (thank you!!!). Those clouds are dwarfing full-sized mountains, folks, not mere hills. This is just one of the storms that passed over us during our adventure, and this shot shows less than a quarter of what I could see. Absolutely amazing.