Back in October, I was privileged to be invited to Actor M@tch Ray’s Steampunk-themed wedding. M@tch and his Bride graciously gave me permission to post photos of their wedding  for fellow Steampunk fans to ogle. Credit for all photos belongs to Anna Dufek.

M@tch in Steampunk regalia

M@tch showing off his Steampunk.

Steampunk cufflinks

More Steampunk details

Steampunk Bride

The Bride

Steampunk bridal gown

The Bride’s dress. It is an original design handmade for the Bride.

Close up of side-details on Bride's dress

The M’s and L’s are the first initials of the Groom and Bride. All these little details, including the rose, are handmade.

Steampunk seamstress

The lady in black is one of the bridesmaids. The lady in red is the talented seamstress who designed and made the Bride’s gown. The fellow is the seamstress’ husband.

Steampunk bouquet fan

The Bride herself designed her bouquet. She handmade every single one of the roses, as well as most of the paper flowers her bridesmaids carried. The matron-of-honor did the gears.

Presentation of the Steampunk couple

And here they are! Mr. and Mrs. M@tch Ray.

Steampunk wedding party

The wedding party.

Steampunk parents of the Bride

The parents of the Bride. Don’t they look amazing?

Left to right: Brid'es Assistant, Bride, Groom, Groom's Assistant

Bride and Groom with their assistants. Yes, that is the bride’s assistant’s natural hair color.

Ring-bearer dancing with Flower Girl.

I guess this is not really a Steampunk moment, but it’s cute.