Some of you may have noticed a new name popping up on my blog lately. That name is Alana Terry. Alana is one of my few blog buddies who is also a personal friend. Trust me when I say she is awesome. She was one of the folks I passed the Liebester Award to back when Raewyn Hewitt was so kind to award it to me. Since Alana’s blog is still getting up and running, she passed her questions back to me. 🙂 Since I love my friend, I’m playing along!

1. Which Lord of the Rings character do you resemble most?

Eesh! Um… do I really have to tell? Unfortunately, probably Gollum. Not so much the evil, conniving part (I hope!), but the conflicted and broken part.

Stryper in the 80's

Stryper from their To Hell With The Devil album. Robert Sweet is the guy on the far right.

2. Who was your first celebrity crush?
Robert Sweet, from Stryper. I was 5 at the time. Long hair is still my weakness.
3. What is the one job or chore you like the least, either at home or at work?
Garbage, I guess.  Or maybe cleaning the fish tank. Fortunately, my kids like the first and Beloved does the latter.
4. The most annoying kids’ show in existence is ______________________.
Just one? Probably Barney. *shudder*
5. If you were in need of rescuing, which Avenger would you want to show up?
Well, my first reaction was Captain America because he’s the only one from the movie that I think I’d really get along with. However arcticpyro mentioned Wolverine as being a choice. I might pick him instead. Mostly because in one of the old school episodes, Nightcrawler led him to God, and I’d be interested in further details. 😉
6. If you could relive just one day of your life, not because you want to change something but because it was just so perfect, what would it be?
Honestly, this question hurts. I don’t really want to relive anything, good or bad. I want to forget what is behind and move forward toward the goal.
7. What is a hidden talent you have that very few people know about?
I can visualize the way most vocal sounds are made when I hear them. That means that if I’ve heard an accent recently, I can usually do a pretty good job imitating it. Or if a singer uses a specific trick to make their voice sound a certain way, I can kind of figure out how to make a similar sound.
8. Tell us about a great first date (real or imaginary).
You know how sometimes theme parks will have concert nights? Several bands play at different times throughout the night and only people who pay the special event admission get to stay. You can get there early and go on less popular rides all day, then catch the popular ones after most of the crowd has gone or when one of the bands you’re not so fond of is playing. The lines practically vanish. On top of that, you get to see a band or five that you love. Add in some churros, and you’ve got a date to impress.
9. If you could instantaneously (and effortlessly) acquire a new skill, what would it be?
Can we include super skills? If so, I want super speed. Or maybe the ability to stop time. Or go without sleep. Anything that would give me more time to get stuff done. If you mean a mundane skill, probably playing the guitar.
10. You are preparing to spend a month entirely secluded from civilization and get to pack one suitcase. What is in it?
Lots of underwear, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, small bottle of laundry soap, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, Vitamin E oil, lotion. Where am I, by the way? Can I say a tropical beach? Towel, sandals, a portable water purifier intended for backpackers or distillation kit, nail file, hair clips, hair brush, tweezers, 2 inhalers, Bible, 4 notebooks, pens – lots of them, camera, batteries, flashlight, outhouse kit (TP, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, disinfecting wipes), 150 Lara bars, bandages, pain-killer, allergy medicine, bear spray, meat tenderizer, 2 camp blankets, small metal pot, metal cup, tea. And yes. I WILL get all of those into one bag.
11. If you could make any one character come alive from a book, who would it be?
Oooh… that’s tricky. What if they’re not quite the way I pictured them? What if I bring someone I always thought was noble and misunderstood but then it turns out that was just the narrator’s POV and the person is really just a jerk? These kind of questions always get me stuck anyway, since I’m not given to having favorites. Oh wait! I know! Aslan.