On January 15th, much to my delight, Raewyn Hewitt awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. (Hopefully she didn’t change her mind after my last post. Too late now…) The rules are:

one-lovely-blog-awardDisplay the logo. Check.

Write seven random facts about yourself. Okay, but you asked for it.

Nominate seven deserving bloggers. Yes! That’s the best part. 😀

Raewyn’s own acceptance of the One Lovely Blog Award really proved her worthiness of it. You should go see it! Instead of just posting seven random facts, she posted mini-reviews of seven books she enjoys. After each review, she shared something about herself that made the book especially interesting to her.

Wish I were that creative.

Sadly, I’m not. Instead, I’m going to share seven random facts and then tell you who in my family really deserves the blame, er, I mean credit for my weirdness exceptional and varied experiences and personality… uh… nuances. Consider it a tribute to a few of my family members.

1. I have been to 45 of the 50 United States.

Overpacked car http://operation40k.blogspot.com/2012/06/frugal-friday-traveling-on-budget.html

And, Friend, let me tell you something: That’s no small feat. My dad was blessed with month-long vacations and used them to take us on month-long road trips. Yup. A month. On the road. These trips produced some of the best and worst memories of my childhood. His most ambitious year, Dad drove us from California to Florida to visit Disney World for four days, up to New Jersey to visit family for two days, and back. My sister and I were five and eight at the time. For some reason we never made it to the New England states.

2. I’ll eat almost anything at least once.

My grandparents were on a mission to turn my sister and me into properly cultured young ladies. Mind you, my parents both believed in trying new experiences, but my grandparents really went out of their way to make it happen. They succeeded, too. Thanks to their influence, I’ve eaten many a dish that some people wouldn’t even consider food. Everything is normal somewhere, so why not give it a try? I have yet to intentionally eat a bug, but if you ever delve into insect cuisine, let me warn you that black ants are spicy.

Chocolate Chip Heart

Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com

3. Speaking of eating, I once ate ten pounds of chocolate by myself.

You read that right. Ten pounds. Not in one sitting, fortunately. My great-grandmother always had chocolate around. She was the original addict in the family, and you know what they say about addictions being passed down in families. Well, she passed on those genes alright. The darker the chocolate, the better.  Anyway, I had a friend who epitomized hospitality. One of her tricks was to keep a bag of chocolate chips on hand so she could whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies anytime someone came over. I tried to emulate her, only I bought the wholesale bag that cost $1.50/lb. instead of a little bag for $3.50/lb. A scant month later I ran out of chips. Never once did I make any cookies with them. No one else got any of those chips either.

I don’t buy chocolate chips anymore.

4. I have memories from when I was a baby.

Asking for a bottle comes to mind most clearly. I’ve gathered this is my dad’s genes showing up, since he can remember being pushed in a baby carriage. My mom, however, was gifted, so maybe this one filtered down from both sides?

5. Everyone in my immediate family has long hair, even my husband and son.

My Mom was the reader. She wrote, too, I later found out. I believe fairy tales were as wonderful to her as they are to me. Bet you can’t guess what one of my favorites was? Oh. You guessed. Besides Rapunzel, there were all those books about dashing Musketeers, fearsome Vikings, noble Native American Warriors… And then there were all those hair-metal bands coming out when I was in my formative years. I mean, really! What’s a girl to do? I was helpless against all that hair.

6. I like reptiles. Silly Snake

Yesssss. I do. Dad likes animals and he let us have most any pet we could take care of. Reptiles don’t make me sneeze or itch, so they soon became my favorites.

7. I can pinch my nose with my toes.

Well… you said random.

Since receiving this award, I’ve received a couple others as well. I’m somewhat befuddled by all this blog affection. I feel so completely undeserving and just the slightest bit overwhelmed and intimidated knowing there are people actually reading what I write. Nevertheless, I intend to accept the awards and respond to them soon. 🙂

For now, I nominate these seven lovely blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Don’t forget to check out Raewyn’s blog, too!

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The Writing Sisters – Uplifting posts that are quick, easy reads and usually include a beautiful photo.

Uncle Tree’s House – Amazing art and touching poems.

Dreampunk Geek – Drawings, writing, and reflections. More importantly, she’s friendly.

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