Come on in! As of Sunday, spring has officially come to Alaska. Our roses won’t be going outside until sometime next week, but we don’t expect any more snow. Woohoo!  Now begins a season of light and wonder. Already the sun is setting around 11 PM and the deciduous tress are sporting leaf buds. The youngest moose calves are being spotted around the city and the kids and I saw a robin yesterday. Recently I received the Seed of Light Award from Elaine Jeremiah and the Wonderful Team Member Award from L. Marie. They each seem to fit the season so very well. My world is full of light right now, and I always wonder why anyone follows me or gives me awards. Okay, okay. Dumb pun. I know. You didn’t really expect me to keep waxing sentimental about spring did you? I’ve got blog love to share around!! Just for fun, I’m spreading the huggies out over the whole week. Every day, I’ll post one Seed of Light nominee, two Wonderful Team Member nominees, and one Fractured Fairy Tale for your amusement.


Thank you to Elaine Jeremiah for the Seed of Light Award. Today’s nominee is

Mindy Leigh

There is only one rule for this award: pass it on!


Thank you to L. Marie for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Award. Today’s nominees are:

  1. Raewyn Hewitt
  2. Alana Terry

The rules for the Wonderful Team Member Award, as I understand them, are as follows. To accept the award, simply follow the rules. If you’d rather not, that’s fine, too.

  1. Display the Logo
  2. Nominate 14 readers you appreciate.
  3. Announce the nominees, either all at once or over seven days.