016-014hookA title like that could open a plethora of posts. There are zillions of things that come in a diverse variety! Why, just look at-

Alright, alright! Put the hook down already. I’ll quit with the repetitive redundancy.

What I’m really here for today is some advice. You see, I have a very limited time to blog each week. I don’t want to waste that time. Can you help me out, please?

First of all, WIPpet Wednesday is here to stay. It’s too much fun for me to care one way or another what you think of it, so Phbbbtt! (That’s a raspberry.)

Short stories are also here to stay, but what do you think?

Short stories (and author interviews) are typically Friday posts, so that makes planning them easy, but leaves me in a lurch every other Friday. I get good responses from random articles about whateverness and posts that include pictures of Alaska. Which do you like better?

I’d also like to add a regular Monday post. I think joining a Monday meme, or possibly creating my own, might be fun. Suggestions?

And since I like to include pictures in my blog, here’s a nice one for you.

Eagles in tree