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First of all, thank you to everyone who gave their input last week. 🙂

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that none of you could possibly have grown to love Kiano’s character yet, so you won’t mind the changes I’m making.

The bad news, for some of you, is that I won’t be writing any “is it hot in here, or is it just me?” type descriptions of him. I noticed, much to my horror and disgust, an irritatingly sentimental theme in my writing involving old boyfriends. *gag, shudder, swallow, gag* … *gag* Ugh. So, Kiano has been demoted, or promoted, depending on your point of view, from love interest to brother. Since he was initially an afterthought anyway, I think it will work better for the story (and my stomach).

For clarity’s sake, I am posting the last paragraph of last week’s WIPpet in addition to my 260 words for the 26th.

Remember, you’re all my alpha readers. I WANT you to tell me if something isn’t working. (Although it is nice to know what is working, too.)

Arvid crossed both arms over her chest, hands fisted, in salute. She and Oya waited until Master left the arena before rising. When they stood, Kiano jogged over. Arvid and Oya walked toward him slowly. Kiano wrapped his arms around Oya. She returned the embrace, leaning into Kiano.

Arvid dropped into a lunge stretch. Her muscles already felt stiff from lack of a proper cool-down. After whispering a few words, which Arvid preferred to ignore, to Kiano, Oya bent down to touch her toes. “Do you know what’s wrong?”


“I don’t think Master’s ever let anyone off like that before. Do you think we messed up or something? Was my form that bad?”

Kiano dropped to his knees between the girls. “Your form is never bad, Oya.”

Oya giggled.

Kiano was the world’s best brother and no one could ask for or ever find a better friend than Oya, but put the two together? Arvid felt like gagging. She shifted into a sitting position with her legs out straight and her arms reaching high. “I don’t think it was you.”

Kiano wrapped his arms over Arvid’s arms and behind her back. He shifted his weight back away from her, pressing his knees into her shoulder blades to pull her arms and chest open. “Actually, I think it’s the prophecy.”

As a full blown warrior, with several battle scars to prove it, Kiano sat in the War Room at every council meeting. Lately, with spring raids just around the corner, he and the other warriors spent almost every evening listening to the Elders’ discussions.

Oya sat to twist her spine. “What does the prophecy have to do with Master?”

“The Elders think it’s one of you two.”

“You mean, they think it’s Oya,” Arvid corrected.

“No. I mean, I think today was a test, not a sparring session.”

So what do you think?

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Don't you wish you could do that? I think I'll go get out my mat right now and start working my way toward it. I'll check back with you in ten years or so. Hopefully I won't get stuck like that.

Don’t you wish you could do that? I think I’ll go get out my mat right now and start working toward it. I’ll check back with you in 10 years or so. Hopefully I won’t get stuck in some easier pose first.