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I recently got some non-WIPpeteer feedback on the nature of WIPpet Wednesday. Specifically, it confuses them.Β  So today I offer an explanation.

WIPpet Wednesday is what is known in the blog world as a meme.

Meme: noun

a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes. http://Dictionary.com
(In Bloglandian, it means writing the same stuff over and over again.)
Most bloggers participate in a meme of some sort, even if it’s just their own weekly theme posts, such asΒ  “Monday Musings”. Some memes are passed from author to author. If you click on theΒ  Blog Love link above, you’ll find several examples. Other memes are more like games. Several bloggers add their pieces, then hop around to the other players’ spaces to see what they’ve added. WIPpet Wednesday falls into this last category.

WIPpet Wednesday, in its current form, is an author-specific meme that was started by K.L Schwengel. I believe the original creator of WIPpet Wednesday is E M Castellan, but I’m not certain. Participating authors post excerpts of their current Work In Progress, or WIP for short, that somehow corresponds to the date of the posting. For a simple example, since today is the 10th, you can expect 10 words, 10 lines, or 10 paragraphs from those of us who are playing along.
Now here’s where I think most non-WIPpeteers get confused. The excerpts do not have to be in chronological order. We can choose them from any point in our novel. If you read all my Fairy Blood WIPpets in the order they were posted, you’ll probably get a feel for the characters and my writing style, maybe even the basic plot, but you’re unlikely to follow the story well. Some authors are kinder than I and tell you where in their book their excerpts come from. Nevertheless, all you’re likely to be able to guess at is character development.

To make things all the more confusing interesting, some of us use wacko math to make the date fit our excerpts. If I wished, I might use 07+10+13 to get 30 for today’s post. Sometimes we WIPpeteers even throw multiplication or division into the mix.

So that’s WIPpet Wednesday. (In case you were wondering about the term WIPpet, it’s a hybrid of Work In Progress and snippet.)

To muddle things up further, let me add that my current WIPpets ARE in chronological order, and represent a complete first draft. For a better explanation, read this post. In the meantime, here’s my latest excerpt. I’ll keep it really short, since this post is already pretty long.

A boy walked into the arena. “Meeting tomorrow. Everyone must come.”

Now that you know what WIPpet Wednesday is all about, you can read more or play along by clicking on the smiley, little, blue guy under the label “Click Me For More WIPpets” toward the top of the right-hand menu on this page.

Now you've got me confused...

Now you’ve got me confused…