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Hi Everyone!

It’s Wednesday again and you all know what that means. ๐Ÿ˜€ (It means I’m going to post an excerpt of one of my WIP’s that somehow corresponds to today’s date.)


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So go on over. I’ll still be here. Go on.

Okay. Now for my WIPpet. I present 330 words from The Queen of Bears. Feel free to critique. (WIPpet Math = 31 – 1 = 30 = close enough. The leading 300 is for clarity.)

Masterwifenameโ€™s eyes met Arvidโ€™s. Arvid flushed, ashamed to be caught staring, the worst form of bad manners among her people. She immediately lowered her eyes and bowed her head. It was the best apology she could manage from such a distance. She mumbled curses at herself. For such disrespect toward his own wife, Master would be very creative about the workouts he put her through for the rest of her training. Sheโ€™d be fortunate to survive, let alone graduate with all her limbs. Her limbs began to tremble. She steadied her breath, cursing herself again for cowardice. When she dared to look up again, MasterWifeName smiled at her. ย ย ย ย ย  Arvid dropped her head once more. Apparently, Masterwifename intended to take pleasure in helping Master discipline Arvid. Arvid shifted her eyes to the left, where Oya stood. Oya smiled openly at MasterWifename, showing no fear. Arvid envied Oya in moments like these. Her beauty and charm granted her access to peopleโ€™s hearts, even when they didnโ€™t want her there. She had many friends, many admirers. Arvid, on the other hand, had only Oya outside her own family.ย  Nobody let her get away with anything unless she was with Oya at the time. It was what made them such perfect friends. Oya gave Arvid freedom while Arvid tamed Oyaโ€™s impulsiveness. As long as Arvid could remember, Oya had been there to stand up for her. Likewise, Arvid had kept Oya out of trouble in the first place more times than she could count. She decided it was time to do so again. With a sharp elbow to the ribs.

Oya grunted slightly, then jabbed Arvid back, her quick temper making a brief public appearance. โ€œShe was smiling at us, you knee-quivering beetle. She wouldnโ€™t smile if she were angry.โ€Arvid disagreed. Rather than add public argument to her list of felonies,

Arvid let the point, and the insult, slide. She shifted her weight to one leg, away from Oya. Oya huffed in response.

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