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Hey there, hi there, ho there! We’re so happy to be here! Here being Wednesday, which, I suppose, is not so much a where as a when, but who cares? Time to hop around the blogosphere catching up with fellow WIPpeteers and hopefully a few other blog buddies. (Wednesday is the only day I can sort of get away with it. Thank you K. L. Shwengel!!!)

If you’re not familiar with WIPpet Wednesday, see below. If you’re not familiar with me yet, um… I guess you could hop a few pages back and try to catch up. Or you could read the sentence after the next sentence. Either works. I’m offering weekly excerpts of a WIP currently titled The Queen of Bears. At this point in the story, the main character’s best friend has just dragged her in front of the entire community so she wouldn’t have to stand on display by herself. We rejoin the two girls with their faces in the dust as they bow before the High Elder and his mum. Today I offer 28 (I think) more lines to go with the 28th of August.

The High Elder’s mother thumped Oya on various muscles with her staff, bent laboriously to sniff at Oya’s neck, and used her foot to prod Oya’s backside. Oya grumbled something less than respectful and started to stand, fists clenched. Arvid pressed their linked arms into her side, pulling her friend closer to the ground. Not even Oya would get away with knocking out the oldest Grandmother in the kingdom.

“Alright. She’ll do,” the crone announced. “Of you go, Warrior Woman.” She tapped Oya roughly on the rear end with her staff. “Go save our people.”

Arvid pressed harder into the floor while Oya whispered a string of obscenities ripe enough to color the most seasoned warrior’s cheek. Only when the old woman shuffled back to her seat did Arvid loosen her grip. Oya flew to a standing position, cheeks red with humiliation, hands balled tightly at her side. She glared at Master’s feet.

Arvid met Master’s eyes, upset for Oya’s sake. Master stiffened. He opened his mouth to speak. Arvid braced for the public down-dressing she was about to receive, but the High Elder stepped between them. He scrutinized Oya almost as well as his mother, though he limited his observations to the visual sort only. He scrutinized Arvid as well, his eyes flicking back and forth between them. “Are these the two you spoke of?” He kept his eyes on Arvid and Oya, but his question was clearly directed to Master. He spoke quietly, so only the circle of Elders heard.

“Yes, High Elder.”

High Elder nodded. “And were you able to choose one of them?”

Master hesitated, brow furrowed in uncertainty. “I believe your mother chose for me, High Elder.”

High Elder grunted. “And did she choose correctly?”

“Oya is more skilled. In all things.”

The High Elder nodded, satisfied, it seemed, with the choice.

If you enjoy reading novel excerpts from up-and-coming authors, click on the appropriately labeled, smiley, little, blue fellow in the right-hand menu. WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by K. L. Shwengel. Anyone with a novel to share is welcome to join. Post an excerpt of your current WIP or a new WIP that somehow corresponds to the date. (See above.) Once you’ve done that, follow the linky (the aforementioned blue dude) and click the “Add your link” button. That way, the rest of us will know where to find you. 🙂

I do not know the title or the author of this piece. It was drawn around 1907. I did my best to clean it up a bit, but not being a photoshop genius, this was the best i could do. It depicts a slave trader, which seemed fitting given the High Elder's mom's treatment of Oya.

I do not know the title or the author of this piece. It was drawn around 1907. I did my best to clean it up a bit, but not being a photoshop genius, this was the best I could do. It depicts a slave trader, which seemed fitting given the High Elder’s mom’s treatment of Oya.


Mmm… Babies and Vietnam


Hey there!

I hope your weekend went nicely. 🙂 I got quite the surprise Friday night when Beloved, who usually works Tuesday through Saturday, announced he had Saturday off. It was lovely.

Well, enough of my weekend. Let’s talk about your Monday. How about a little something to cheer it a bit? I DARE you not to laugh at this video. It first aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos, so the laughing audience is not a laugh track.



And now for something completely different. Whether you know it or not, you’ve almost certainly heard this band play. Most people only know of their Christmas music. This is not Christmas music. This is part of their rock opera based on the Vietnam War. The first song is the one I really wanted to share, but this was the best video I could find of it, so you get two for one today. 🙂



I hope one or both of these videos made your day a little brighter. For more videos to make your Monday more bearable, click the smiley, blue fellow at the top of the right-hand menu. If you’d like to join along, post something mirthful and something musical on your blog, then link-up with that same little frog-like creature.






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