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This week, I’m going with 21 sentences. 21 is a multiple of seven, so hopefully that works for everyone. If not, it just happens to be 277 words.

In the center of the room, the High Elder rose to his feet, leaning heavily on his staff. The room hushed. As if in defiance of the frailty infecting his body, the High Elder spoke loudly and clearly, his voice carrying to the very edges of the Meeting Hall. “People of the Arvid’sTribe Kingdom, the time of the Prophecy has come.”

The room grew silent. Arvid felt everyone nearby holding their breath with her. Even Oya stilled completely.

“The Raven Kingdom is recovered from the Great Massacre, the massacre we rained on them when they dared to attack our women and children.”

The edges of the room exploded with frightened gasps and angry questions. Several Grandmothers began trembling noticeably. A few of the sicklier ones fainted. Many shook their fists.

The eldest of the Grandmothers, a grouchy, wizened, spit-fire older than the High Elder, pushed her way to the front of the room, thwacking any Warrior foolish enough to try and bar her way with her staff. The High Elder rolled his eyes.

The old woman reached the center of the ring, shaking her fist in the High Elder’s face. “You promised to destroy them! You promised to leave none alive after what they did to us! Tell us, how did thousands come from nothing in only forty years?”

The highest ranking Warriors grumbled. The old woman’s accusation, though true, was unfair. Everyone in all the kingdoms east of the Impassable Mountains knew Balak, the great sorcerer, long ago prophesied the Raven Nation would rule over the world unless a woman warrior of the Arvid’sTribe Kingdom were sent to bring him out of the mountains.

So there’s the prophecy.

Now I have a question for everyone. Is this working for you? Maybe I better explain.

Since beginning Queen of Bears, my stats and comments have dropped off. This fascinates me! Seriously. It’s kind of fun. Why? Because I may have discovered a pattern! Would you guys mind filling out a little poll for me? I’ve always wanted to put together a statistical analysis of my own. No snark. Really, really, no sarcasm at all. This’ll be fun! (There’s a reason Harsha likes math.)

This week I picked 2 pictures to go with my WIPpet. Somehow, the expressions on both these women’s faces seemed to fit my grouchy crone perfectly.

Old Woman by Giorgian, c.1508

Old Woman by Giorgian, c.1508

Old Woman Examining a Coin  Gerrit van Honthorst, 1623

Old Woman Examining a Coin
Gerrit van Honthorst, 1623