That’s right. This one’s for the gals. But don’t be too quick to write it off if you happen to be a guy. I imagine you’ll find the Mirth portion of this week’s Mirth and Music Monday just as amusing as any lady would find it. Possibly more so.

I’ve only watched 2 of these guys’ videos so far, but they are hilarious! I’ll tell you right now, not all of them are kid-friendly by the stricter standards. This one, however, should be safe by all but the most (and I mean VERY most) conservative standards. … Feminists might not appreciate it, but I’m not one, so I can’t say for sure.

And because we all know every woman would love to be serenaded by Elvis, here’s my favorite Elvis love song. … You don’t want to be serenaded by Elvis? Too bad. You’re about to be anyway. This song was almost the first dance at my wedding, though. Beloved and I didn’t get married in a rush, but we married young, so it sort of fits us. My fellow ladies appreciate romantic sentimentality right? Me neither.  Just watch the video. It doesn’t rate too high in the gag department.

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