😀 ‘Tis Mirth and Music Monday once again. 😀

I know I’ve posted Tim Hawkins before, but he deserves to be posted often. (Not to mention my internet has been finicky and I had a rough time previewing videos.) There’s something to be said for tried and true. This video is particularly funny to me because this is what my parents always told me when I came home from school and complained of yet another (attempted) pommeling. It never, ever, ever made sense to me, and my mind still refuses to wrap itself around it. Still, it makes for a funny comedy sketch.

For the record, the boys never won the fights they started.  😉

Now for the music portion. I’m rapidly becoming addicted to this band’s sound, thanks to Dreampunk Geek. Their voices and harmonics are amazing! I offer a video featuring the voice of which I’m most enamored. It’s apparently a cover of a Rhianna song. I have no idea who Rhianna is, but I like the song.

I hope I’ve made your Monday better. If you need some more cheering up, click on the top linky (blue frog) in the right-hand menu. Or you could return the favor and post something mirthful and something musical of your own. 🙂