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I tried to find a still clip of Tim Curry saying hello to Sylvester Stallone in Oscar, but, as I’m sure some of you saw coming from a mile away, all I got were Rocky Horror Picture Show shots. *facepalm* My poor “your history dictates you prefer educational  links” search engine is going to be very confused. I thought that one little hello clip would be lovely for anyone else who has seen the movie. It’s classic. (By the way Kids, if you don’t know what Rocky Horror Picture Show is, good. You don’t want to know. I didn’t want to know. But now I know. And see? Now I have to spend weeks trying to scrub the make-up off my mental image of Tim Curry so I can see his Long John Silver/Dr. Poole/Concierge from Home Alone 2 face again. Gah!)

ANYway… for this week’s WIPpet Wednesday, I have 8 paragraph-ish things for you. The math goes thus: the 2 from 2013 multiplied by the 4 from, er, the fourth. I’m sure glad I realized there were 8 paragraphettes, I must say. At first, I was trying to figure out how to make 199 words fit the date. Pretty silly. I know. Hey! I’ve been doing paperwork all day. Give me a break.

Okay, so here it is, following up on the High Elder’s mother swatting Oya’s backside.

Oya flew to a standing position, cheeks red with humiliation, hands balled tightly at her side. She glared at Master’s feet.

Arvid met Master’s eyes, upset for Oya’s sake. Master stiffened. He opened his mouth to speak. Arvid braced for the public down-dressing she was about to receive, but the High Elder stepped between them. He scrutinized Oya almost as well as his mother, though he limited his observations to the visual sort. He scrutinized Arvid as well, his eyes flicking back and forth between them. “Are these the two you spoke of?” He kept his eyes on Arvid and Oya, but his question was clearly directed to Master. He spoke quietly, so only the circle of Elders heard.

“Yes, High Elder.”

High Elder nodded. “And were you able to choose one of them?”

Master hesitated, brow furrowed in uncertainty. “I believe your mother chose for me, High Elder.”

High Elder grunted. “And did she choose correctly?”

“Oya is more skilled. In all things.”

The High Elder nodded, satisfied, it seemed, with the choice. He lifted his arms for the attention of the room. Ouida stepped forward, placing one respectful hand on his shoulder. “High Elder, may I speak?”

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And now… Dr. Poole! 😀

And for any of you feeling the same way today: