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Hi Everyone.

For most of you, Wednesday is more than half over and the crest of the Mount Midweek is in view. Tomorrow you’ll be on the (hopefully) gently descending slope toward the beautiful Valley of Weekend Relaxation. I’ll just warn all my fellow WIPpeteers right now: I probably won’t make the rounds today. Maybe not even tomorrow. I’ve thrown myself full force into editing Fairy Blood. (I have an accountability partner now, the lovely Mindy Goorchenko of The Devout Life. And she’s outpacing me. Must. Catch. Up.) More on that in another post.

For today’s  WIPpet, I deliberated a bit on whether to keep posting the tid-bits in sequence, or to start skipping bits to focus on what I think are the more interesting scenes as I come to them. This time I decided to skip  a few paragraphs I’m not sure I’m going to keep anyway. It won’t do anything to hurt the continuity of the story to leave them out, so here we go.

Last week, High Elder was about to announce Oya as the chosen warrior woman when Ouida came forward. My WIPpet math goes thus: 11 for the day of the month plus 13 for the year = 23. Precede that with the 2 from 2013 to get 223 words.

“This one,” she waved a hand at Arvid, “may not be as skilled in many things, but she excels in one area this one,” she waved at Oya, “has never been forced to learn well.”

Arvid thought it odd that Ouida could have observed them so carefully without learning their names. She flicked a glance t Master. He wore a blank expression studiously facing the High Elder.

“And what is that?” the High Elder asked.

“Humility.” She turned to address the circle of Elders. “Do you not think the Great Balak will appreciate that quality? Surely his magic can make up for the miniscule defecate of skill. I am not sure,” she faced Oya, speaking gently, “that he would receive your carefree manners well, my dear. But, I think you are confident of yourself enough that you will not envy your friend this honor.”

Several heads among the circle of Elders nodded, the four companions of Ouida most vigorously. The High Elder lifted his hands for attention. “Let it be known! Arvid of the Quiet Voice shall henceforth be known as Arvid of the Prophecy! Let everyone treat her with honor.”

Applause erupted. Oya beamed at Arvid. “The men will take notice of you for sure now. You better close your mouth, though. I’m not sure your tonsils are your best feature.”


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SURPRISE! Lover Surprised, by Charles-Melchior Descourtis, c. 1790

Lover Surprised, by Charles-Melchior Descourtis, c. 1790