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Welcome all to WIPpet Wednesday! I hope you’re having a lovely week. πŸ™‚

Before I present my WIPpet, I have a conundrum with which you may be able to help. I spent a little time Monday thinking about how I’d like my contemporary fantasy series to play out. As you may have guessed if you kept up with my Fairy Blood WIPpets, the first book is entirely in Harsha’s POV. The subsequent books all have secondary POV’s, with a different character weighing in on each plot. My original plan was to write Wolf Blood next, but I’ve decided to wait on Zeeb. Sort of a save the best for last thing. Instead, I’ll be working on my selkie character, Maura. Here’s my problem: I need a name for the actual series. Alana and I brainstormed for a while and I think I want to include the word BLOODLINE(s). We thought of Fated Bloodlines, but we both feel it falls a little short of awesome. Any suggestions anyone? The titles in the series will include

  • Fairy Blood (Harsha – the part fairy, part mermaid, mostly human protagonist of the series)
  • Seal Blood (Maura)
  • Dragon Blood (Seraph – the baby dragon)
  • Mermaid Blood (in which I bring back Blablabla and give her a proper name)
  • Monster Blood (Harsha’s full-human step-nephew)
  • Wolf Blood (Zeeb – werewolf)

Any ideas?Β  Thanks ahead of time. πŸ™‚

Without further ado, I bring you 10 sentences from The Queen of Bears. (10 for the month.)

Arvid slept in until the sun touched the eastern horizon. Her mother bustled about the main room of the house, already chopping vegetables for the evening meal. Arvid hid behind the doorpost until her mother bent over the fire. As soon as the older woman’s back was to her, she slipped through the room and out the door, jogging as quietly as she could toward the communal mill. A long line stretched out the door. Arvid stepped into place behind the last person. The white-haired woman leaned heavily on two crutches. Her thinning hair was pinned up in an elegant chignon, adorned by the large, deep purple blossoms of Widow’s Grace and delicate sprays of sky blue Mother’s Grief. Arvid doubted many people ever arrived later than the crippled widow. She suppressed a groan. Her little trick of getting out the door without a scolding might have worked, but when she got home with the gritty flour produced by worn out donkeys her mother would know she slept in.


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Long line at the PoBoy Fest in New Orleans. Those must be some awesome sandwiches…