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I was trying to think of an appropriate disclaimer for today’s Mirth video last night when I realized I was posting my second underwear-humor video. Mind you, it’s not potty humor, but still… Once upon a time, I neither found anything funny about underwear nor considered it socially acceptable to discuss such things. Apparently, my sense of humor has expanded since then. Sadly, I don’t think I can say it’s for the better. However, I’m not apologizing. The way the gaps between my children worked out, I spent 7 straight years potty training. I tell you, there were times I was reduced to a choice among laughing, crying, or screaming. Take a wild guess which one I finally stuck with. My favorite book for homeschooling at the time was Dinosaurs Love Underpants. It was wonderful! Not only did it spark interesting discussions on extinction theory with my Biggers, it extolled the virtues of underwear to my Littles.

Anyway. All that to say: Warning. Underwear.

And now, to show you I’m not entirely an airhead, I present one of my favorite music videos. Sign Language is so beautiful to watch when it is done as poetry and I think this is done very, very well. In case you wonder, the artist is, to my knowledge, neither hearing impaired nor trying to sound as if she is. It’s just her musical style. She’s not making fun of anyone.

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