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Greetings, Earthlings! I come in peace. Nanoo-nanoo and all that. If you’re new to WIPpet Wednesday, it is a fun game in which several of us WIPpeteers, from the planet WMBITTWCMALBWB* post excerpts of our works in progress which somehow correspond to the date. Today, I offer 23 sentences for the 23rd of October.

We last left Arvid sneaking about doing rotten things like plotting to give away her mother’s freshly ground flour to a crippled widow. Deplorable woman, isn’t she? She did, in fact, follow the widow home and give the widow enough flour to last a couple of weeks at least, leaving her mother with only two-thirds of her usual ration. Arvid is in for some big trouble, but not just yet. First, she has to go to the “gym” for her daily workout.

When she arrived, she found people blocking most of the entrances. After hopping around like a fool behind several crowds trying to see the cause of the commotion, she decided to use a little known back entrance. Only Master’s favorite students knew where to find it. Or, at least, that’s what the students who knew about it liked to tell each other. Arvid wondered if the rumors were really true.

She ran round to the back of the stadium. The feral pigs that made their home near the trash heap squealed indignantly, scolding her for coming without an offering. Arvid nudged them aside with her knees and picked her way around the refuse to the small, low-timbered door used only by Master’s favorite students.

Thanks to her own efforts, the short, dark passage was relatively free of creepy-crawlies. Although she never considered herself squeamish around bugs before the first time she took out the stadium garbage, the swarm of filthbugs coating the hallway resulted in high-pitched screams that startled everyone, even Master. She returned the next day with three flutter lizards  and an arsenal of concoctions her mother promised would kill the insects. Only one flutter lizard still lived in the hall, but he’d grown to be five times his original size. Arvid scratched his chin on her way through, cooing her approval.

Another crowd awaited in the preparation rooms. Arvid grew nervous. Had she forgotten some important event? Kiano leaned against the back wall, looking bored. Arvid sidled up next to him. “What’s happening?”

After doing a quick double take at her, Kiano broke into a highly amused smile. “We’re all waiting for you.”

“For me?” Realizing she spoke much louder than she intended, Arvid clamped a hand over her mouth and whispered through her fingers, “What did I forget now?”

So there you have it. Any thoughts, Earthlings?

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I don't actually know what kind of bugs those are. One way or the other, I'm not getting close to that many of them.

I don’t actually know what kind of bugs those are. One way or the other, I’m not getting close to that many of them.


* We Must Be Insane To Think We Can Make A Living Writing Books. Please note, this is the name given to our planet by Normalizian settlers. The natives call it Perseverea.

100 awesomeness points for whoever knows where I got nanoo-nanoo.