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Hello, hello, hello! ‘Tis time again for a WIPpet. Before I begin, allow me to tip my hat to KL Schwengel, the fearless leader of the WIPpeteers.

My excerpt today is 32-ish lines long. Don’t worry, though. They’re short. My math is fairly straight forward so I’ll leave it to you to figure it out.

We last left Arvid staring at the back of a large crowd, wondering what she’d forgotten to do…

“Nothing. You’re just running a lot later than usual. What took you so long to get here, anyway?”

Arvid related the morning’s events.

“Mother didn’t scold you? Did you get the doctor?”

“I hoped I’d run into him on the way here.”

Kiano nodded. “He’s probably somewhere in the crowd anyway. After Grizzle closed the mill for the day, almost everyone hightailed it here.”

“What is it I’m supposed to do? Did Master give special instructions?” The unnerving idea that she missed something in all the commotion of the night before crossed her mind. If she couldn’t keep her head in a crowd of friendly people, how in the world would she keep it in a battle?

 “I didn’t hear Master or anyone else mention anything about training today. I think most people just want to see Arvid of the Prophecy do her thing.”

“What thing?”

“I dunno. Kick someone’s butt, maybe?”

“Like whose?”

“Anyone’s. After all, you’re the second-best female fighter in the tribe. There’s a rumor that Jedrek might challenge you just to see how good you really are.”

Arvid shuddered. She knew better than to think her abrupt graduation from trainee to warrior gave her the same level of skill as a giant with ten years of battle experience. “I hope not.”

“Enh. I’ve seen enemies almost beat him in battle. I don’t think he’s as amazing as people like to think. He’s just big.”

“Regardless, I don’t want to fight with anyone unless I have to.”

“Arvid, the tribe chose you to go get a wizard so we can pick a fight with the Raven Nation. As far as you’re concerned, ‘having to’ has been redefined.”


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What do you mean I have to step up and be noticed?

What do you mean I have to step up and be noticed?