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You know, I had to look up how to spell that word. Hooky. It is also spelled hookie, although I think that might be a corruption of the plural from, as in cookie, which was originally spelled (or spelt) cooky. Anyway…


An extra whoop, whoop to my fellow Wrimos. πŸ™‚ May your word counts multiply like rabbits. I played with the idea of using my NaNo novel for WIPpets, but it seems several of you sort of like Arvid, so I’ll stick with her on Wednesdays and post NaNo excerpts on Fridays. πŸ™‚

We last left Arvid staring at an enormous crowd waiting to see her kick a backside. No backside in particular. Any hiney would do. And now, 6 paragraphs of Arvids reaction to said blood-thirsty-ish crowd for the 6th of November.

Arvid stared at the back of the crowd. Yesterday, she had been just another trainee. A barely adequate one, as far as she could tell. Now all these people who had paid her little heed except to correct her weaknesses wanted her to be their heroine. It made no sense. β€œI’m going down to the river. Maybe if I catch some good fish, Mother won’t be so upset about the flour.”

β€œI’ll come with you. How’d you get in?”

Arvid led Kiano out of the building. For some reason, he found their exit route very funny. He laughed so hard Arvid was afraid he’d alert the crowds to their whereabouts. He kept chuckling all the way to the water’s edge.

They chose a fishing spot their father showed them years ago, when Arvid was still little enough to be free of most responsibility. The fish seemed particularly careless this morning. The siblings soon caught enough to delight their mother. They picked berries and useful flowers on the way home so that by the time they crossed the threshold, each had their arms full of the kinds of gifts Mother found most acceptable. Mother bustled about the fire, muttering about the poor quality of the flour, not noticing her children’s entrance.

β€œMother, we brought you some things to make up for the flour.” Arvid lifted her bundle slightly.

Mother turned. With a squeal of delight she crossed the room to Kiano. β€œOh, Kiano! What a good son you are! Thank you! Arvid, go change out of that miserable armor. You’d have been able to carry twice as much with your apron. If it were clean, that is. I don’t suppose you have a clean apron, do you?”


By the way, I know I use the word delight twice. I’ll fix it after November. πŸ™‚

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