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Merry Eighth Day! Only 4 days left of Christmas, so if you haven’t sent your cards yet, you better hurry. 🙂

For WIPpet Wednesday this week, I offer 10 short paragraphs of Arvid’s continuing adventures. The math goes thusly: (month + date)x(first digit of year+second digit of year)=(1+1)x(1+4)=10

We last left Arvid napping in a forest of spears, waiting for her stalkers to leave.

“Yoohoo! Arvid!”

Arvid opened her eyes. Oya stood on the rope, smiling widely.

“Doozie of a hiding place you found. I must remember to use it the next time I’m playing hide and seek.”

Arvid unwound herself to sit up in her spear-gap. “Are they gone?”

“Yeah. Master and Ouida finally chased them off. They’re posting guards around the arena from now on. Guess who got night duty? Jedrek and his cronies! Move over. I’m coming in.”

“There’s not enough space. Did Master mention a maintenance entrance?”

“Umm…” Oya looked around, “he didn’t say anything about it, but I think it’s that way.” She pointed toward the furthest corner of the pit. “Try pulling out a spear. Maybe you can just move them out of the way and come back to the rope.”

Arvid tugged at the spear directly in front of her. It came out with a click. She bent to examine the ground where it had been, brushing away sawdust. Clever. Whoever built the pit used bronze fittings so the spears could be moved or replaced easily. Very expensive, but practical. Arvid removed and replaced spears until she reached the rope. Oya grasped the rope with one hand and offered the other to Arvid. “Phew. You need a bath.”

Arvid climbed onto the rope. “And something to eat.”

“Bath first.”

If you think that was fun, go check out the other WIPpeteers by clicking on the blue froggy thing on K.L Shwengel’s blog. Don’t forget to tell her how awesome she is while you’re there. 🙂

This is sort of how I picture Oya on the tightrope, just sort of hanging out, not particularly impressed with herself.

This is sort of how I picture Oya on the tightrope, just hanging out, not particularly impressed with herself. “Yoohoo! Arvid!”

Mmm… Household Tips & The Nutcracker


Merry 6th day of Christmas! Did you get those geese you wanted? (Or the corny joke?)

This week I decided to take a chance and post a home-tips video in place of my usual Mirth fare. Wait! Don’t leave. It’s not that bad. In fact, my kids often ask to watch these particular instructional videos again, and again, and again, and…



If you found that at least mildly amusing and somewhat useful, there are more of them. The actress-producer-director-etc. went on a major pilgrimage and hasn’t put anything new up in a while, but it’s my understanding she’ll be back. 🙂

For music this week I chose the Pas de Deux from Baryshnikov’s Nutcracker. I grew up with this version and can’t remember the last time I watched the “purer” versions. I gather they’re a little odd in comparison. Or maybe it’s that Baryshnikov’s has a distinct lack of oddness. Either way, this may not be what you’re used to. The Pas De Deux comprises the first 2 minutes of the video. My favorite part is actually the Pas de Troix right after it, but I would rather send you off to check out the other Mirth and Music folks than hog all your free-ish time for myself . 🙂 You can find my MMM buddies by following the blue smiley in the right-hand menu or clicking here.



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I don’t know if anyone else will be posting, or if anyone will come by to read, but just in case, I went ahead and planned a WIPpet for today. (I used that nifty schedule option. 😀 ) I’m keeping it very short, though, because I assume most of you have better things to do than sit at the computer/phone/tablet all day. Two paragraphs for the 2 from 12. 🙂

The day wore on. It was cool in the spear pit, but not so cold that Arvid’s evaporating sweat caused her a chill. She wrinkled her nose at her own odor and considered braving the arena again if it meant getting a bath. Her eyelids grew heavy, weighed down by inactivity. She twisted her back, stretching as much of herself as possible, then peeked over the spears. Men, women, and even children filled the space between the obstacle wall and the edge of the spear pit. They were having a picnic, complete with a game of horseshoes using the spear tips as posts.

Arvid groaned and sank back down. The scent of lumproot pancakes slithered through the spears. Her stomach growled. Like between battles, she told herself. Smelly, hungry, and tired. And nothing to do but wait. That was the worst part. A yawn spread her jaw until it popped. She wove herself around spear shafts until she found a position that was almost as comfortable as sleeping on a rock. She listened to the voices of her adoring stalkers while she drifted off to sleep.

Well, there you have it. I’m not sure if any of the rest of K.L. Schwengel’s minions will be showing up today, but if they do, you can find them by clicking on the second frog in the right hand menu.

Jesus-freak moment: Today is about JESUS. That is all. 🙂

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