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Alright, that’s enough of my singing.Β  I’m better at writing anyway. (I think.) I’m going to go easy on the WIPpets for the rest of the month. I’m focusing hard on a couple of non-writing goals, which I shall not disclose at this time. Happily, I wrote far enough ahead last week to have WIPpets to spare if I keep them short. This week, I offer 23 (month + date) lines following immediately upon Arvid’s success last week. (It’s very first-drafty. Sorry.)

Arvid backed away from the mob. Hands reached for her, snatching at her clothes, pawing at her hair and face. A fight broke out over the spear. Someone screamed.

A fresh surge of adrenalin coursed into Arvid’s veins. She looked for a way out. There was none. Every entrance or exit was blocked by people, including the garbage exit. Arvid ducked under the hands grasping for her and ran for the obstacle course. She reached it a split second before the fastest of her new fans. She launched herself over the first wall. She hit the ground and ran for the next obstacle, a rope extended across a pit filled with spears. She looked back. A head peeked over the wall of the obstacle course. They meant to follow her in. Fools. She darted her eyes around the spear pit. There. A gap in the spears. That would work. She glanced back. Should work. She hoped.

There you have it. πŸ™‚ If you want to play along, post an excerpt of your WIP that somehow relates to the date and use the blue, smiley WIPpet guy in the right-hand menu to link up to the rest of us.

For those of you with truly quirky senses of humor, come back on Monday for mirth and Music Monday. Pleeeeaaaassse! I have a hilarious video this week. It… it just makes me so happy. You really do need a somewhat warped sense of humor, though. The vlog I’m featuring definitely appeals more strongly to guys than gals. (Which is not to say that guy humor is inherently more warped than lady humor, but, well, let’s say there are some distinct differences in the “genres”.) Here’s a little taste.