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Hello. πŸ™‚ How are you this week? Did you get all your shopping done yet?

This week, I offer you 18ish sentences for the 18th of December. We last left Arvid fleeing from her devoted fans. She is standing on the edge of a pit of spears…

Normally, the idea was to cross the rope without falling. She walked the rope until she was only a few feet from the gap. She pivoted her feet so she faced it. A tremor in the rope threatened to topple her off into the pit. She recovered and looked at the source of the miniature quake. A man, battle scarred in places and probably familiar with this obstacle course stood on the rope. Behind him, seven or eight people huddled wide-eyed. The man smiled pleasantly at Arvid and inched his way closer. Definitely familiar with this obstacle. He would catch up with her soon. Arvid concentrated on her target.

β€œGRAB!” she commanded, hoping her stalker recognized the warning and was wise enough to obey. She sprang off the rope. A spear tip scratched her shoulder, but other than that she landed in the clear space without injury. The man who’d followed her crouched on the rope, gripping it tightly with hands and toes, his mouth agape. Arvid sat down amongst the spears before she allowed herself a smug grin. She was safe for now. Getting out might be problematic, but she would worry about that later. For now, she was just glad to be alone.

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