Merry 6th day of Christmas! Did you get those geese you wanted? (Or the corny joke?)

This week I decided to take a chance and post a home-tips video in place of my usual Mirth fare. Wait! Don’t leave. It’s not that bad. In fact, my kids often ask to watch these particular instructional videos again, and again, and again, and…



If you found that at least mildly amusing and somewhat useful, there are more of them. The actress-producer-director-etc. went on a major pilgrimage and hasn’t put anything new up in a while, but it’s my understanding she’ll be back. 🙂

For music this week I chose the Pas de Deux from Baryshnikov’s Nutcracker. I grew up with this version and can’t remember the last time I watched the “purer” versions. I gather they’re a little odd in comparison. Or maybe it’s that Baryshnikov’s has a distinct lack of oddness. Either way, this may not be what you’re used to. The Pas De Deux comprises the first 2 minutes of the video. My favorite part is actually the Pas de Troix right after it, but I would rather send you off to check out the other Mirth and Music folks than hog all your free-ish time for myself . 🙂 You can find my MMM buddies by following the blue smiley in the right-hand menu or clicking here.



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