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Merry Eighth Day! Only 4 days left of Christmas, so if you haven’t sent your cards yet, you better hurry. 🙂

For WIPpet Wednesday this week, I offer 10 short paragraphs of Arvid’s continuing adventures. The math goes thusly: (month + date)x(first digit of year+second digit of year)=(1+1)x(1+4)=10

We last left Arvid napping in a forest of spears, waiting for her stalkers to leave.

“Yoohoo! Arvid!”

Arvid opened her eyes. Oya stood on the rope, smiling widely.

“Doozie of a hiding place you found. I must remember to use it the next time I’m playing hide and seek.”

Arvid unwound herself to sit up in her spear-gap. “Are they gone?”

“Yeah. Master and Ouida finally chased them off. They’re posting guards around the arena from now on. Guess who got night duty? Jedrek and his cronies! Move over. I’m coming in.”

“There’s not enough space. Did Master mention a maintenance entrance?”

“Umm…” Oya looked around, “he didn’t say anything about it, but I think it’s that way.” She pointed toward the furthest corner of the pit. “Try pulling out a spear. Maybe you can just move them out of the way and come back to the rope.”

Arvid tugged at the spear directly in front of her. It came out with a click. She bent to examine the ground where it had been, brushing away sawdust. Clever. Whoever built the pit used bronze fittings so the spears could be moved or replaced easily. Very expensive, but practical. Arvid removed and replaced spears until she reached the rope. Oya grasped the rope with one hand and offered the other to Arvid. “Phew. You need a bath.”

Arvid climbed onto the rope. “And something to eat.”

“Bath first.”

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This is sort of how I picture Oya on the tightrope, just sort of hanging out, not particularly impressed with herself.

This is sort of how I picture Oya on the tightrope, just hanging out, not particularly impressed with herself. “Yoohoo! Arvid!”