Happy Monday! I almost forgot about Mirth and Music Monday this week. Happily, hubby reminded me. 🙂 Which makes my mirth video doubly mean. Perhaps I’m cruel, but I find this video of men experiencing labor-like contractions hilarious. Particularly the line, “Stop smiling.” Now, mind you, my husband laughed through it, too. He happens to be smart enough to believe the Bible when it likens labor pains to the worst possible agony again and again. A good thing for him, too, because two of my labors were induced. These poor boys don’t know how easy they had it…



To be perfectly fair, for many women, labor is not really the worst pain they’ve ever experienced. Dental pain, migraines, and other issues can be worse than “normal” labor. For other women, however… well, let’s just say my husband sets other men a good example. Some of us ladies still choose not to use pain killer, after all, for reasons not related to being fem-macho.

And now for the music portion. Mommies get your tissues. This is possibly my favorite mommy song ever. It’s a great daddy song, too. Or grandparent. Basically, it does a good job of expressing the feelings of anyone who is strongly invested in the life of a child.



It’s a good song, isn’t it? Speaking of good songs, go check out the other Mirth and Music Monday folks to see what they have to offer. You can find them by following the blue frog in the right-hand menu or clicking here. Have a good week!


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