Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good weekend. 🙂 Did anyone have any pleasant surprises? I had a rare chance to visit Write Club. Only two of my buddies were there due to poor driving conditions, but they were my two best writing buddies, so it was rather nice. We listened go Dr. Who soundtracks whilst they regaled me with half-snippets of micro-explanations of the show. (They didn’t want to give too much away.)

To celebrate my surprise opportunity to visit my writing buddies, I chose two videos featuring surprises. We’ll start with Wall-E. *twinkly eyes* I love Wall-E. 😀


Teeheehee. 🙂

And now for the next surprise. If you’re not familiar with the Surprise Symphony by Franz Joseph Hayden, let me start by telling you the story told to me when i first listened to it. The year is 1791. You are a brilliant composer. You’ve been the court music director for some time now, and no matter how hard you try, your audience always falls asleep before the end of the concert. You are tired of it, but you have to do what kingy says. But now you’re going on tour in London. It’s your big chance. Finally you can write something to shake those stuffy, rich, lazy bones up…

Even if you despise all forms of classical music, I encourage you to listen to at least the first 48 seconds with the above picture in mind.

Can’t you just see all those calm, collected people, so obsessed with propriety and dignity, jumping in their seats. 🙂 When my 4th grade music teacher played it, one kid fell out of his. 🙂 Sadly, as it turns out, the story I was told is not quite true. Although Haydn did enjoy shaking things up, the symphony wasn’t actually written to wake anyone up.

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