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How are you today? Can I get you some coffee or tea? I have this wonderful coconut chai. Perhaps a cookie?

Now that you’re all settled, I’ll go ahead and share my WIPpet. The math today goes like this: January 22 = 1 ten + 2 +2 = 14 petite paragraphs. We last left Arvid taking a bath and sharing her mother’s (possibly to be cut) backstory.

She stepped out of the water, wrinkling her nose at the dirt that clung to the soles of her feet, to pull on her dress. Her sparring armor lie in a heap at the root of the tree. It reeked. Once dressed, she found a handful of shineshrub leaves to rub over the worn leather.

Oya sat nearby, weaving titians into a garland. “Did they tell you when they expect you to leave?”

Arvid looked up from scrubbing a particularly stubborn splotch of dirt. “Huh?”

Oya stared across the river, eyes dreamy. “Did they say when you have to go?”

“No. I guess I should find out.”

“I don’t want you to go, but Kiano says we can’t get married until after the Raven Nation is defeated for good.”

“Why not?”

“He says he doesn’t want me to be a young widow.”

Arvid turned her attention back to the spot. “I see. He intends to die in battle, but he refuses to marry you until after he’s done so.”

Oya huffed. “Would you mind putting it to him that way? I don’t think it’ll work if I say it.”

Arvid laughed. “He won’t listen to me either. I’ll work on Father.”

“Thanks.” She leaned over and plopped the crown of flowers onto Arvid’s head. “I better get home. Itsy will need milking soon.”

“I’m done.” Arvid threw the spent leaves into the river and gathered her armor. “I’ll walk with you a while. Are you coming over for dinner?”

“No. Itsy gave so much milk this week I need to make cheese. I’ll bring some butter over tomorrow morning.”

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by K. L. Shwengel. You’ll find a cute little linky on her blog that will lead you to a luscious list of authors offering novel excerpts in as many genres and writing styles. To join us, post an excerpt of your WIP that somehow corresponds to the date. Then add your blog to the link-up so the rest of us will know where to find you. 🙂

Philomena and Procne by Elizabeth Jane Gardner.

Philomena and Procne by Elizabeth Jane Gardner.


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