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Welcome, Readers and WIPpeteers.  I hope you’re all having a good week so far. If you’re not, I hope you at least have a rejuvenating weekend to look forward to. To the Super Bowl watchers, I wish you a merry game with lots of turn-overs, no drunken arguments, and many hilarious commercials. 

 When last we visited Arvid, she and Oya were going about the everyday business of not having any adventures whatsoever.  We’ll continue that theme today and follow Arvid to the marketplace with 9 (for the 9 from 29) paragraphs. A couple notes: Stingy is a stand-in name until I can think of a better one and I haven’t figured out the currency system yet, hence the dollar signs.

Arvid tied her armor into a bundle and slung it onto her back. She walked Oya half-way home, the two of them chattering pleasantly about nothing in particular. After hugging her friend goodbye for the day, Arvid chanced a trip to the marketplace to test her theory that few people recognized her without her armor. Besides, Oya told her Grandmother Stingy made helenberry pies.

The market bustled with bargain shoppers and tired, grumpy sellers haggling over prices. Arvid nudged, squeezed, and wove through the crowd as easily as anyone, her work dress and flower garland proving to be effective camouflage. She found grandmother Stingy’s stall almost abandoned. No pies sat on display, but Arvid, undaunted, approached the old woman, who leaned smugly on her table. “I got nothing left.”

Arvid smiled sweetly. “Not even one?”

“Not one.”

“Not even for $$?”

“Well… I should really save it for my own supper, but,” she brought out a plump, fragrant helenberry pie, “I suppose I could just have vegetables from my little garden.” Stingy put on a convincing mask of abject poverty. “If you were kind enough to pay $$$ for it, I might be able to buy myself some day-old crust, perhaps. ”

Arvid knew very well more pies hid beneath the counter, kept out of sight while Stingy sold each at the highest price possible. She stuck out a lip in a mock pout of sympathy and disappointment. “Oh, dear. Are things that bad for you then? Well, I won’t deprive you of your supper. I can go to Butter’s stall for today.”

“No, no. I insist you take this pie. You’re such a sweet girl, I’d feel as if I were turning away my own granddaughter. If you could just spare $$1/2, I’m sure I’ll manage.”

Arvid and Stingy set to haggling in earnest for the next ten minutes. In the end, Arvid won the contest. Triumphantly, she walked home with a pie in each hand and one balanced on her head for the mere price of $.

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Haggling in India.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Villafruela