Welcome! I have a very important announcement to make this week. I’m on my way on a little trip this week. While I’m away, Rose D’Andrea has graciously agreed to take over the Mirth and Music Monday linky for me. Thank you, Rose. 🙂

I have posts scheduled for while I am away, but I’ve gathered my access to the internet may be limited by how much I’m willing to spend to have it. Not being an internet junky, I’m guessing that’ll probably be, oh… about nothing. 😛 That being the case, I’ll be here, but not on the linky. (Unless Rose can figure out a way to add me.) I, um, also won’t be commenting. Nor will I have any idea if something has gone awry. I’ll be back to comment/fix stuff after the 26th.

Speaking of linkies, there’s a cute little frog to your right. If you click on him, he’ll take you straight to the magic hallway that leads to other wonderful, mirthful, musical posts. There’s even a little button there that lets you add your own blog to the list. 🙂

Without further ado…