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My WIPpet math: 19 for the date + 2 for the month + 1 for fun =22 lines.

“Haddie, your son is not a normal boy, just as you were never an ordinary girl. You have to keep going. It would be selfish to stop now.”

Something in Haddie burst. “Selfish!” She shot to her feet. Her mother stumbled away in surprise. “You’re calling me selfish for not wanting to be queen?”

The pixiian villagers hushed, staring warily at her. She ignored them and kept her eyes on her mother’s face.

“When the White Fairy told me I’d be queen, everyone called me selfish for wanting to be something more than I really was! They called me selfish when I didn’t marry whichever man Father promised to pay-off! They called me selfish when you gave me sweetspice and selfish when I sold the candy I made from it!”

Her husband put a gentle hand on her arm. “Haddie, calm down.”

Haddie jerked away to take another step toward her mother, who was beginning to cry. “You! Even you convinced me I was dreaming! And because of you I married and had a child, and now you want to call me selfish for wanting to protect my child! You-you,” Haddie’s tongue tripped, unable to form the words properly. She trembled with rage, regret, pain. Clutching her son to her chest, she turned and ran for the hut.

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