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Hi there! I’m home from Mexico and ready to get back into the usual routine. It took a longer than I expected to resolve some of the backlash from being away for a couple weeks, but things are about settled now. There’s only one problem. I haven’t written a word.

That’s right. Not a word. At least not toward any of my WIP’s.

So, since I am in need of a transition scene, I’ll just set a timer for 5 minutes (for the fifth of March) and see what I come up with. Feel free to shred this blurb. Aside from the red-marked spelling errors, I haven’t done anything with it.

The evening’s meal went smoothly. Arvid’s mother complained a bit over the quality of the stew Arvid prepared, but her father and brother ate four bowls each. With the adventures of the day done and her belly filled with stew and a full quarter of helenberry pie, Arvid allowed herself to tumble into bved for a comfortable nights sleep.

She had just drifted into a strangely lovely dream, something about swimming in a lake of helenberries, when a sharp smack to her shoulder woake her. She sat up sharply, her limbs trembling with the suddenness of the movement. Her mother’s eyes, lined with care and sleeplessness met hers. “Master says it’s time for you to go.”

Part of Arvid’s brain still lingered in dream.


Okay, there’s my timer, but I think I’ve hit a roll, so here we go…


She muddled through the information, sorting stray helenberries — make that some kind of flower — from the slivers of moonlight dancing in through her window and putting each into their proper places of fantasy and reality. To buy herself a little time, she asked, “What?”

Mother pressed her lips together briefly. In an unusual display of affection, she pulled Arvid into her arms, nearly squeezing the life out of her. “Master says you go this instant. I’ve got your satchel packed for you.”

Facts fell into place, ruthlessly banishing her pleasant dream. “Right now?”

Her Father’s face appeared behind her Mother. “This instant.” He gently nudged his wife aside to fold Arvid in his own embrace. “Kaino is waiting for you outside with Master.” A kiss on her cheek, and Father left to give her privacy to dress.

Arvid sprang from bed, her mother hastening to help her lace on her practice armor and braid her hair. The braids secured, Arvid’s mother placed Oya’s garland on her daughter’s head. “There. At least you can look a little like a woman.”

Arvid smiled at her mother. The woman’s words were of a one with her character, but her expression betrayed her. She was going to miss her daughter. “I’ll miss you, too, Mother.”

“As you should.” Her arms went around Arvid’s neck once more. “Don’t forget the spademint when you stew the dried meat.”

Okay. That’s enough for now. πŸ™‚ If you had fun reading, please check out the other WIPpeteers by following the linky on K.L. Schwengel’s blog.

I don’t have all my pictures of Mexico back yet, but here’s one. When I get the card with everyone’s pictures on it, I’ll post some more about my trip.

Mazatlan Beach - Foamy Waves