Hello! I’m sorry I missed last week. I, um, sort of didn’t get around to thinking about my blog until I was done dealing with a bunch of stuff that piled up while I was on vacation. I’m actually kind of surprised I thought about it enough to get a WIPpet up last week.

Before I jump in, I’d like to give a great big thanks to Rose D’Andrea, who managed the Mirth and Music Monday linky for me while I was away.

Thanks Rose

I encourage you to check out Rose’s blog as well as that of my other frequent Mirth and Music participant, Emily Witt. You can find all the Mirth and Music Monday links by following the blue froggy thing in the right-hand menu, or clicking here.

I chose this particular video for the Mirth portion because it really is one of my favorite jokes. Only, in the version I know, the guy gets three chances.

For today’s music video, I decided on a Flamenco. My grandmother was a Flamenco dancer. The heavy Spanish influence in Mexico put me in mind of it, so I sought out a video my kids and I could enjoy together.Β  I hope you will, too. πŸ™‚