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Howdy, howdy, howdy! It’s time to say goodbye. Arvid is finally off on her adventure. It only took me 15,000 words. I wonder how many of those I’ll have to cut during edits. *shudder*

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Two weeks ago, Arvid found put she was facing exile. This week, she kindly provided me with 13 sentences to finish up that scene. (26/2=13)

Master rubbed a hand through his hair, catching his fingers in a tangle and scowling while he worked it out. โ€œThere are a few Elders who donโ€™t believe the prophecy. Theyโ€™re quiet, but theyโ€™re powerful in their own way. One of them told Jedrek to look for an opportunity to discredit you. They were offended you didnโ€™t cooperate.โ€

Arvid dropped her gaze to the dust. If Oya were here, she would have expressed all the feelings whirling in Arvidโ€™s heart. Arvid didnโ€™t even have words for them. She took the donkeyโ€™s reins from Kianoโ€™s hand. โ€œSay goodbye to Oya for me.โ€

Kiano pulled Arvid into a rough hug. He squeezed her tight, as if his brotherly protection would follow her if he just put enough of it into one gesture. He released her abruptly and spun back to the house.

With a final bow to Master, Arvid led the donkey out of the town, to the northwest, where the wizard waited for a woman to rescue him.

Photo courtesy of Beloved.

Photo courtesy of Beloved.