Happy Bunsen Burner Day! That’s right. Today is Bunsen Burner Day. Odd holiday, isn’t it. I must think of some way to celebrate it. Sadly, I don’t own any bunsen burners. Of course, you know what I’m leading up to, here. Yup. Tomorrow is the start of Camp Nano!!! Woohoo! 🙂 I do have tools with which to write. 😀

Oh, and it’ll be April Fool’s Day, too. Heads-up. It’s also International Tatting Day, so if you see someone with a tattoo needle heading your direction tomorrow, you might want to run away. Those two holidays together can not be a good thing.

But I’m not here to discuss tattoos or pranks. Let’s talk about writing! Yay! First, I offer two short videos I hope you will find as insightful as I do. The first discusses the importance of paring down your writing to include only the details pertinent to the story. The second offers inspiration for increasing the conflict in a story and gives an example of how both the protagonist and antagonist might react.

I apologize if the videos don’t show up. For whatever reason, sometimes they have been, sometimes they haven’t. I’m not sure if it is a browser thing or a WordPress thing. Clicking on the links should take you to the videos one way or the other.



What do you think? Did you find the videos helpful at all? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Before we get into that, though, I’d like to share one more video with you. This song gets played a lot around my house. It’s for kids, but it reminds me that I can choose to have a good attitude about doing things that seem hard or awkward or just plain boring. As much as we may dislike admitting it, anyone who writes gets to that point eventually, so in case you need it any time this month (or ever), here it is. (Sorry the quality is poor. This comes from a 1990 TV movie and the person who loaded it had to do so from VHS.)


Now go check out the other Mirth and Music Monday folks.  They’re a lovely bunch and you can be sure to find something you’ll enjoy. 🙂