“The truth is, laughter reduces stress, pumps up the immune system, diffuses squabbles, lifts the spirits, broadens the perspective, and feels great. Best yet, it has no calories and can’t make you pregnant.” ~ Karen Scalf Linamen


It also happens to be the best abs exercise, hands-down. A good, deep belly laugh involves all your abdominal muscles. So skip those neck-straining crunches, get a nice cushion for your seat, make yourself comfortable, and whip that flabby belly into shape by visiting all the Mirth and Music Monday folks. Better yet, join in by posting some humor and music on your blog and clicking on Froggo (in the right-hand menu) to add your link.

Be sure to laugh hard, now. Huffs and chuckles won’t do it. Remember, we’re going for the six-pack, people.


By the way, I’m not a medical professional. Laughter really is a great ab workout, but sitting comfortably all day is probably not a healthy habit. For more information, see this article.

Oh, and, I’ve been known to indulge in facetiousness from time to time.