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Okay. Before the clock strikes midnight and I turn back into a pumpkin, I am going to get this WIPpet done. Yes, oh yes, I am.

We last left Arvid looking up at Oya, wondering what the Elders threatened Oya with if she didn’t return to the town in 10 days. Um, let’s see, 5 paragraphs because 2+3=5

“Or else…?”

“Or else Kiano leads the front line of the next battle.”

Arvid pressed her lips together, considering. Leading the front line could be considered an honor. A twisted, cruel honor. The Elders used it to execute noble warriors for the crimes of their families. They placed him on the front line, then waited while he walked 30 paces ahead of the army to engage the enemy by himself. Sometimes, a man volunteered for it to keep a loved one from being exiled or tortured. Other times, like now.. “Maybe you should start home at sunrise.”

Oya shrugged, trying to look nonchalant, and failing miserably. “I can at least see you to Uttermost and maybe a little ways into the foothills. I’ll get home in plenty of time.”

Arvid decided not to argue. Right now. “Get your bedroll. I’m tired.”

That’s it! And now I must go be my alter-ego. πŸ™‚ I don’t have a picture picked out, but this is fun. Don’t forget to visit the Grand Mistress of the WIPpeteers, K.L. Schwengel.