Welcome once again to Mirth and Monday. I’m afraid I have some wonderful news for you.

Odd phrasing, you think to yourself. It seems ReGi has mixed feelings about this news.

I do, indeed. I’m very excited to announce that Rose D’Andrea will be taking over the Mirth and Music Monday administration-y stuff. YAY!

I’m not so excited to announce that I’m not sure how often I’ll be showing up for Mirth and Music Monday henceforth. You can read the long explanation below. The short one is: I shouldn’t make this a priority. I certainly hope to show up and see what everyone has to offer, though. Froggo plans on hanging out in the right-hand menu regardless of what I’m doing with MMM, so he’ll be around to consult should you need him.

Formalities attended to, let’s do this! Something funny, something funny…

The Long Explanation

A few of you know I have 3 homeschooledΒ  kiddos with special needs who require quite a bit of weekly therapy. (I also have one cuddly little gifted girl.) Recently, Beloved and I, after much hesitation, decided to pursue yet another therapy. While all the therapies have elements to be incorporated at home, this new therapy requires daily practice. This extra time expenditure leaves me with little flexibility. At least, not practical flexibility. In light of this, I will be pruning my blogging to include only WIPpets for the time being.