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Hello! I’m running late (again), but that may be the way things are for a while. If you want the long explanation, see Monday’s post.

Let’s see… last week Oya surprised Arvid with the astonishing news that Kiano’s life was on the line because of Oya’s choice to follow Arvid. Oya, being the wonderful friend she is just wanted to see Arvid on her way. She’s sticking to that, at least for today. (But don’t worry. Neither of them wants Kiano dead.)

3 paragraphs for the 3 from 30th. Let me know if you think I should be giving out bigger excerpts or if these little chunks work for you. I know many of us try to visit all the WIPpeteers, which can amount to quite a bit of time online, but I don’t want to bore people by dragging the story out, either.

In the morning, Arvid and Oya set off with the donkey in tow. They talked and laughed as they went, both trying to ignore the obvious fact that Oya shouldn’t be here and both hoping the day would stretch out as long as possible. The sun raced across the sky and they reached Uttermost far too soon.

The northern edge of the village sat mere inches from the edge of Nairi land. Beyond that, no tribe dared to claim any land, not even the Raven Nation. An old legend told of a great king who went to war against the race of monsters that populated the lands below the mountains. The monsters lost the war, but only because they had grown arrogant and lazy. The great king, realizing his advantage was temporary, made a treaty with the monsters, that the land of the mountains would forever belong to the monsters. No man would enter it to do them harm, so long as the monsters left the valleys and plains to the people. To seal the pact, the king built a magnificent city on the border of his land and gave it a long poetic name.

No evidence of the fabulous city or its grand name remained except a rickety village answering to Uttermost. In spite of such weak corroboration for the tale, few people ever traveled in the mountains and fewer still dared to carry more than simple hunting weapons.

Hmm… are there monsters in Arvid’s future? We’ll see. πŸ™‚ While you wait to find out, pop on over to hail the magnificent K.L. Schwengel, hostess of WIPpet Wednesday and keeper o the flying monkeys.

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