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Greetings and salutations! Are any of you gardeners? I’m really not much of one, but this is the second year I and my family will be attempting a veggie garden. The growing season is so short here, especially last year, that I try not to get too optimistic, but here’s hoping!

Thank you to those of you who prayed last week. We’re down to one raging fire, which is not as bad as it was, and Buddy is out of the hospital! Woohoo! He didn’t even have to take oxygen home with him. 🙂

Those of you who visited last week will hopefully recall that my WIPpet this week is one of two versions I have of this scene. These blurbs are very first-drafty and a bit cheesy. Since I can’t decide between them, it makes little sense to me to try and refine both when only one can stay.

We’ll call this 14 paragraphettes for the year 2014. When you’re done reading, be sure to visit K.L. Schwengel and the other WIPpeteers for more fun novel excerpts. Better yet, add your own to the linky. 🙂

A shriek from Oya’s room startled Arvid. She ran to help. Oya sat in a corner of her room with an arrow aimed at the small window. Her eyes were wide, her breath quick. Her limbs shook so much it would be a miracle if she hit her mark.

Arvid crouched next to her. “Did you see something?”

Oya jerked and caught Arvid’s chin with her elbow. She let out a shaky breath when she saw who it was. Arvid put a hand on her arm and mouthed, “What did you see?”

Oya opened her mouth to speak, but clamped it shut when her voice came out as a high pitched shriek. She turned back to the window. Arvid swallowed down her bile and turned to guard the door to Oya’s room. With a start, she remembered the old lady.

“Come on. We have to go defend the Grandmother.”

Oya stood slowly, eyes fixed on the window. Arm in arm, they tiptoed to the Grandmother’s room. The Grandmother sat on her bed, idly looking out her window. Oya stared at her in dismay, her arrow still poised to fire. “What are you doing?”

The Grandmother looked up as if noticing the two battle-ready women for the first time. “Oh. Hello. I’m watching the monsterlings. Sometimes they come to dig lumproots from my garden. I always plant enough to share. Come here. The little ones are awfully cute.”

Oya’s knees gave way. She landed in a heap, her bow clattering to the floor beside her. “Those are the little ones?”

“Oh yes. They’re noisy little buggers, but they just want the lumproots, that’s all. Folks say I spoil them, but I don’t know what else I could do. A hungry belly’s a hungry belly, I always say. Of course, they do have sensitive sniffers. Helps them find the lumproots. It also tells them when someone is using sword polish. Neither of you girls happened to shine your big weapons tonight, did you?”

Oya shook her head. “I didn’t.” She eyed Arvid’s sword.

Arvid slumped. This was her fault? “I couldn’t sleep.”

The Grandmother cocked a brow, “So you polished your sword? Didn’t you ever hear of counting sheep?”


“Ah, well. The monsterlings have their lumproots now. They’ll leave soon enough. I suggest you put that thing where it belongs and leave it there for now.”

Alternate version to be aired next week. Same WIPpet channel. Same WIPpet time. (Plus 100 Awesomeness points for anyone who gets the reference.)

little darlings

Little Darlings by Omar Ryyan. I snagged this picture from his Etsy shop. Isn’t it beautiful? If you like whimsical art, you should definitely run an image search on him. He has some absolutely beautiful paintings.