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Good day! I’ve challenged myself to get this post done ion less time than usual. The goal is to eventually turn out a good post in half an hour. It’s normal for me to spend an hour on a single post. Sometimes it takes longer, depending how analytical I’m feeling that day. This doesn’t really work with my schedule, so I got out my timer and decided to make a change. I apologize ahead of time if this one is even more splotchy than usual.

If you were here last week, you already know that I wrote two versions of the same scene and that I need some help choosing which version to keep in the draft. If you can’t remember the build up to the scene, you can read it here. If you missed last week, you can read it here. Thanks for helping me out with this!!!

Before we begin, let us pause to thank our lovely hostess K.L. Schwengel. (Because if we don’t we might find flying monkey mess in some unpleasant places.) Today’s post is the date minus the 1 from 2014 for a total of 10 paragraphs.

Oya appeared next to Arvid, an arrow aimed at the blank wall on the other side of the bed. Arvid took a deep breath. The scratching and howling grew more frenzied. A claw broke through, then a fang. Oya aimed and shot. She missed. Her arms shook too much to hit her mark. A paw thrust through the growing hole. Arvid rushed forward and struck at it. It pulled back before her blade could bite. She lifted her sword, ready to strike again.

The noise stopped. Arvid stood with her sword raised. She sent a questioning glance to Oya. Oya shook her head and strung another arrow. They focused on the hole, waiting. Silence wound in on itself like a snake coiling to strike. No cricket chirped, no mouse scurried. Arvid held her breath and wished she could still her heart and the terror crawling up and down her spine.

The door to the room screed open with slow, agonizing casualness. Oya swung her arrow to cover it. Arvid glanced, but forced her attention onto the hole, braced for a double attack.

“Oh dear. Am I disturbing a game?”

Arvid’s head jerked toward the Grandmother. “What?”

“It’s very late, you know, girls, and,” she noticed the hole in the wall, “Tsk, tsk. You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves, putting a hole in my wall. You’ll have to mend it.”

“But- but,” Oya let her arrow droop, “we heard noises. And there was a claw.”

“Oh, a claw! Yes. I suppose there would be. Well, well, I forgive you.” The old woman patted Oya on the shoulder, “Put away your toys now. I’m sure it won’t take long to mend.” With that, she shuffled back to her own room.

Arvid walked several feet away from her bed. “Toys?”

Oya let herself collapse onto the floor. “Toys.”


So what does everyone think?

A huge thanks to everyone for helping me out! I don’t have any exciting incentives to pass out, but here’s a fun little video. Enjoy!