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Hello! How are you this week? Are you having a nice summer so far?

To state the obvious, I missed last week. I meant to at least visit a few WIPpeteers even though I didn’t post, but I never got around to it. Such a bummer. For those of you who don’t know, the WIPpeteers are a bunch of friendly people, led by K.L. Schwengel, who post snippets of their works in progress each week and then visit each other to give feedback. Everyone is pretty friendly and it’s lots of fun to see bits of works in genres I wouldn’t usually read. You’re welcome to peruse or join in. The only rule is that your WIPpet must have something to do with the date, where “something” is a very loose term.

The short excuse for missing last week is that I forgot. The long excuse is, well, kinda long. If you’re very interested, it’s way down at the bottom of the post. In the meantime, I present about 25 lines for the 25th. This comes immediately after last week. It’s the morning after Arvid and Oya have their first encounter with monsters…

Arvid woke up the next morning to find herself in the middle of the floor cuddling her sheathed sword like a stuffed doll. Oya laid nearby, similarly arranged with her bow. Across the room, where Arvid expected a jagged hole to give her a good view of the garden, not a single mark marred the wall. With a heavy groan, she rubbed a hand over her eyes. Maybe she dreamt up the monsters? But then, why was Oya in here clutching her bow for dear life?

She shook her friend gently. “Oya?”

Oya sat up with a jerk, nearly smacking her forehead against Arvid’s.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I take it you remember the monsters, too?”

Oya nodded. “You’re not going into those mountains alone.”

Arvid crossed her arms. “You’re not coming with me. You’re going back to make sure Kiano doesn’t get put on the front line.”

“While you go off to be torn apart and eaten by those horrible things? Kiano would never forgive me!”

“And he’ll never forgive me if you get eaten by them! He won’t even have the chance to forgive anyone for anything because he’ll be dead!”

“But I’ll never forgive myself, either, if something happens to you.”

“And you’ll never forgive yourself or me if you don’t go back to him while you have the chance.”

Oya stared stubbornly at the floorboards while several heartbeats passed. “Fine.”

As always, feedback is welcome. 🙂

The Long Excuse

I am what my favorite homeschool guru terms “highly distractable.” That’s a nice way of saying I’m scatterbrained. For the most part, I handle my scatterbrainedness well. I keep a planner, try to have something similar to a routine going on most of the time, and do my best to give people around me a heads-up.

Now take that, and combine it with a husband whose work hours change weekly, and who never knows what they’ll be until the week before.

Already you have potential chaos. But now, take that loving husband, who enjoys spending oodles of time with his family, and give him three days off in a row when none of the kids have therapy appointments.

Ta da! Last minute camping trip.

Now, mind you, the trip was fantastic, but throwing anything at ME at the last minute is courting disaster. And it did. Cause disaster, I mean. We missed an appointment. I lost my planner. A major project that is was taking over the living room is being got put off. *sigh* It was certainly lovely, but this whole business of bouncing back is not my specialty. Hence, in spite of the obvious clues built into our routine-ish-like-thing, I forgot it was Wednesday.



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