WIPpet BannerHappy Wednesday! As usual, I have a WIPpet for you. Today’s excerpt follows immediately upon last week’s, also as usual, and is 3 paragraphs long (from the 23rd). Arvid has taken leave of Oya, for real this time, and is on her way up the mountain…

Night fell quickly. Arvid found it harder and harder to focus her eyes in the twilight. Her thoughts alternated between worry for Kiano and Oya and the need for a safe sleeping spot. She turned them forcefully away from last night’s unpleasant events. By the time she found a tree she deemed worthy of sheltering her, the evening star twinkled its warning. Strapped to a sturdy branch, she felt only the slightest hint of security. She let the heaviness of the day drag more tears from her eyes.

The sun flickered behind Arvid’s closed eyes. The fragrance of dewy grass and honey-scented flowers wafted on the crisp air, enticing her to awaken. She gently worked the kinks out of her neck and shoulders without resentment. The pain seemed a small price to pay for the view she enjoyed from her perch. The sun rose in brilliant color, washing the earth with a golden bath of potential and hopefulness. Arvid breathed in the air as though she could breathe the light in with it. Nothing could possibly go wrong on a day that started with such beauty. Absolutely nothing. Letting out her breath, Arvid smiled at the horizon, her worry for Oya and Kiano set aside in the assurance of the bright new day.

With another sigh of contentment, she unbuckled herself from the branch of the tree and readied herself to climb down. She halted. Monsters. Monsters everywhere. A ring of them lounged against the base of the tree, fast asleep. Lounging against those monsters were more monsters, with more monsters lounging against them. There wasn’t a place to put a toe, let alone a foot, for a dozen yards in every direction.

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St. Margaret by Titian. I don't know St. Margaret's story, but I like the picture. Any Catholics out there wanna fill me in? :-)

St. Margaret by Titian. I don’t know St. Margaret’s story, but I like the picture. Any Catholics out there wanna fill me in? πŸ™‚ It looks like she’s in an unpleasant spot.