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Hello, Everyone! How are you? Did you have a nice couple of weeks? I had family in town for about ten days, which was great fun. My dad, who used to insist he’d never be the kind of grandfather to spoil his grandchildren, and my lovely step-mom spent the whole time spoiling my children.

Yet all fun must come to an end. I meant to join WIPpet Wednesday last week, but stuff. Anyway, I’m here now. My WIPpet today is 40-ish (mostly very short) sentences. To get it, I multiplied the 2 from 2014 by 20, for the date. I apologize for the length. It’s another of those difficult-to-divide bits.

We last left Arvid stuck in a tree surrounded by sleeping monsters. I should mention it’s been several hours since she awakened to find herself in this situation and that, uh… Well, I like my fantasy to be at least a little realistic. Feel free to tell me if you think it’s too juvenile.

Finally, Arvid could take no more. Or rather, her bladder could take no more. The Elders would just have to find another warrior woman to rescue the wizard. Peeing was now Arvid’s greatest priority. Living was optional.

“Hello?” She had no idea if the monsters would understand her, but climbing down the tree seemed foolish and she didn’t have many other options.

None of the monsters stirred.

“Um, excuse me, but I really need to see about nature.”

The monster directly under her opened one eye. “Can’t you hold it until sunset?”

Arvid’s brows shot up in surprise. Whatever she had expected, this wasn’t it. “Uuh… No. I don’t think so.”

“You mean to tell me humans send their cubs out on their own before they’re fully potty trained?”

Arvid opened her mouth to explain… what? She didn’t know anything about monsters or how they thought, so she couldn’t explain anything. She settled for, “If I weren’t potty trained, you’d already know about it.”

The monster tilted its head. Its facial expression didn’t change at all, so Arvid couldn’t guess what it might be thinking. It woke the other monsters with gruff jabs and sounds that twisted and twined around themselves in a language so complex and musical Arvid envied the monsters their ability to speak it. Under other circumstances, she’d have enjoyed listening to it.

Slowly, oh, so painfully slowly, a ring appeared around the base of the tree. “Alright. Come on down.”

It took more self-control than anything to make it down that tree without shaming herself. Standing on the ground in front of the creatures only made it worse. The shortest of them stood at least a foot and a half taller than her. Most were about three feet taller and a few stood nearly double her height. She looked around at the few she could see from her low vantage point. Did they all intend to watch her?

As if suddenly remembering something, the one who spoke to her first turned and shouted, “Alright, bug off for a bit, boars. I think it’s a sow. Human sows are fussy about who they pee in front of.”

One of them said something in its own language as it turned to walk away.

“Speak Nairi. It’s not polite to speak in a language others can’t understand.”

“I just said I wonder why they’re so fussy about it. Does it only happen once in a while or something?”

“You can ask it when it’s done. Just give it some space for now.”

Well, there you have it. I’m open to constructive criticism. 🙂

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For those of you who were having trouble picturing the monsters, this is what they're loosely based on. I'll keep working on the description to see if I can fine-tune it.

For those of you who were having trouble picturing the monsters, this is what their appearance is loosely based on. ‘Tis the Egyptian god Sobek. I’ll keep working on the description to see if I can fine-tune it.