‘Allo! How’s everyone doing today? I didn’t realize it until yesterday, but, as you may have guessed, it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.Β  It hasn’t yet gathered the steam other cancer-awareness months have, so if you don’t mind giving it a shout out, I’m sure many parents of struggling kiddos would appreciate it. If you happen to have a couple bucks trying to burn their way through your pocket, feel free to click on either of the pictures to visit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s gift shop. πŸ™‚ They’ve got some cute stuff on sale right now.

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This week, I have 11 paragraphettes to go with the 10th of September. The first 10 are the official WIPpet. The last one is a bonus because… umm… Oh! Because there are a lot of birthdays in September. I know for sure at least one of you is having a birthday this month. (Thank you, goofy “What’s your … name?” FB memes. πŸ˜› ) The things one learns from facebook. Tsk, tsk. I feel like a proper stalker even if all I’m doing is watching the feed…

Arvid was just telling these *cough* niceΒ  monsters that she was on her way to pick up a sweet, little, old wizard. I’ll add descriptions when I get to second draft. For now, I apologize for the sketchy identifiers.

β€œHmm.” The monster stepped back to let the others consider her. They whispered among themselves, their musical language fluttering like the wind scurrying through autumn leaves.

The one who spoke first that morning stepped forward. β€œTell me, human sow, why do you want to bring this wizard to your people?”

β€œIt is said he will destroy the Raven Nation.”

β€œAnd why would you want to destroy any nation?”

Arvid explained. β€œβ€¦ and so they chose me.”

After several minutes of silently considering, the monster leveled a claw at her. β€œDid you wish to come?”


β€œAnd the sow you left in the foothills? Did she?”

Arvid’s heart skipped a beat. So they had seen Oya. Arvid’s mind whirled with curses for herself. She should never have let Oya come as far as she did. She should never have let Oya come as far as Uttermost, for that matter. She should have refused to continue until Oya went back. Her fingers squeezed the handle of her dagger, knuckles white. Her toes dug into the earth. She bent her knees to spring. β€œDid you hurt her?”

β€œDid she wish to come?”

β€œAnswer. Me. First.”