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Hi! *waves enthusiastically* My brain is more or less dead after dealing with a big UGH today, so I’ll dispense with the usual formalities. Things be thus:

WIPpet Wednesday = Weekly bloghop for sharing a date-related excerpt of your WIP. Open to all writers.

K.L. Schwengel = our lovely, flying-monkey wielding hostess

WIPpet Math – the strange methods by which we relate our excerpt to the date. Today, 10 paragraphs for October plus 2 bonus words

Chubby Flashlight Fish – a bioluminescent fish which I mention here for no apparent reason.


The monster who let them in bent to look at Arvid. “Delicate, isn’t it? Maybe you’d better take away its little butter knife. You know what happened to Boinedal’s cub.”

“It is a she. And I think it’s full grown.” Namatha put Arvid down and stooped to look her in the eye. “You are, aren’t you? Full grown?”


“And do you have a name?”


Namatha wrapped a claw around Arvid’s hand in a motherly fashion. “Well, Arvid, as you may have guessed, my name is Namatha, this is Yapany, and this is the Sow’s Hall, where we females go about our business.” She led the way toward a long table that came up to Arvid’s shoulders. “I’m sure you must be famished by now, so Let’s see if we have something you can eat. Anything on this table is up for grabs at any time of the night.”

Tantalizing fragrances wafted off artfully prepared dishes. An Arvid-sized cub appeared out of nowhere and snatched a ball of pastry, nearly shoving it into Arvid’s face. “Here! Try this one. It’s my favorite. My name is Laneetee. What’s your name? I’ve never met a human cub before. Do you like hunting? Do you want to hunt filth bugs with me? I know where there’s a whole nest!”

Arvid tried to hide the shudder that crawled up her spine at the mention of a whole nest of filth bugs. Saving her from answering the enthusiastic cub, Namatha handed her a ball of the pastry. “Thank you for the suggestion, Laneetee, and for being so friendly to our guest, but this is a full grown sow. I don’t think she’s interested in  children’s games anymore. Go along and do your chores, now.”

“Aww!” Laneetee slunk off, mumbling something in her own language.

“Please forgive her. She means well.”

“She’s…” Adorable? Darling? The normal adjectives one used to compliment a knee-high child didn’t seem to fit the five and a half foot cub. “Spirited.” There. That was a compliment. Wasn’t it?

“That’s one way to put it. I think she’s right about that pastry, though. It’s filled with a kind of fish I’ve seen humans eat fish before. Have a taste. If you don’t like it, you can try something else.”


By the way, if you’re ever trying to write “bioluminescent” and your spellcheck goes nuts. It is spelled B.I.O.L.U.M.I.N.E.S.C.E.N.T. Also, Lanatee might get cut. What do you think?